Crafting "first aid kits" assignment

So I have asked about this before, since I was unable to complete this by crafting simple, standard or advanced First aid kits, and got told that you can’t craft them since it’s non of them.

It’s actually this one. Which is simply called First Aid Kit

So I thought, darn that sucks, since it’s an impossible task, and decided to go on with my day since their’s no reason to ponder or be upset about something I have no control over.

But this is now the third time i get this kind of assignment and i’m starting to become mildly upset about it. I therefor wonder why hasn’t this been fixed yet?

As far as I can tell (I might be wrong), every player that activate assignments on a specific day will have the same assignments. so this affects every player that return for assignments.
And since every player has the same assignment this is clearly a problem on the Avalanche/Systemic Reaction (or whoever is in charge of this live service) side

Please fix this, thank you.


I know this sort of a bug report but at the same time it isn’t since it’s about a feature that is not on the players side.
Therefore I decided to post it as Feedback.

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