Crash on startup

My game crash directly on startup, and it freezes on the screen when the game/steam trying to perform online login, i have tried everything like uninstall both the game and steam and still the same, verifying files etc. my feeling is that it’s not connecting properly. also have i granted permission in the firewall

My spec is

i7 3770k
16gb ddr3
GTX 980ti 6GB
Windows 10 pro

Also crashing on startup…

i7-7700 2.8 GHz
1060 maxq
16 gig

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for me too, when i try to play singleplayer the game freezes after i spawn. only the multiplayer works but the most time it cant find any games or it conects too long for the game

we need to wait for the next update or patch

i have the same problem, but my game is crashing direct after the 4 scenes and the
cogwheels show up in bottom right corner.

It’s been 1 month since my game crashes on the startup screen, and so far my problem has not been solved. This is a lack of respect for the consumer, as the only means of technical support is here and so far the game continues to crashes on the startup screen.
My Spec.
i7 3770k
16gb ddr3
AMD R9 380X
Windows 10 pro

check your save file? my save file was broken so i deleted it and then the game started to work