Crashes caused by explosions

Platform: PC

Description: the game crashes when an explosion resulting from an enemy (enemy death explosions, firebird main gun and mines, etc.) affects both the player and certain (damageable?) objects, such as the base in the quest “Tidal Wave” or the truck in the quest “Clearing the Path”. Player-caused explosions don’t seem to cause any issues. Additionally, certain other locations around the map, often around safe-houses but not always, contain objects or areas in which an explosion will reliably cause a crash (Boo Bruk AB has one such area/object)

Steps to Reproduce: easily reproduced during the quests Tidal Wave and Clear the Path; killing an enemy near the objective you are protecting (the base and truck respectively) such that the enemy’s death explosion radius affects the objective and the player, always results in a crash. Also occurs with enemy explosive projectiles (such as the Wolf’s explosive shoulder-mounted cannon).

Host or Client: Has occurred multiple times in single player, with me as the host, or with friends as the host and joining their session.

Players in the game: has occurred in single-player, with 2, 3, and 4 players in the session.

Specifications: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, Intel i7-12700KF, 32GB DDR5 ram 4800 MH. Game is stored on a 2TB internal hard-drive. Running Windows 11 OS. Running Nvidia’s latest drivers (GeForce Game Ready Driver version 546.33 - Release Date: Tue Dec 12, 2023)

Edit: having progressed the quest further, Clearing the Way is broken and impossible to complete with this bug. The artillery shell/rocket that lands and interrupts the truck immediately crashes the game after which re-loading the game reverts the quest to the last checkpoint, making it impossible to progress the quest beyond that point.

It seems to be known issue.
I also experienced problem with ““Clearing the Path”” where game & console crashes during explosion.
It seems the devs are aware of this problem and fix is comming in next update so lets hope we don’t have to wait much longer to get rid of this problem :slight_smile:
You can read more about this problem here. (Clearing the Path crashing )