Crashing during Clearing the way

Please, how to uninstall Fnix DLC from PS4? Thanks

Sadly impossible.
We (PS5, too) have to wait for a hotfix.

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Hello and Hi What’s the fix?

The game doesnt crash if I am far enough away from the mission or have the DLC uninstalled.
so thats the only fix possible rn

j’ai exactement le même problème de mon coté plus moyen de jouer mes deux perso sont coincé la bas …

Translation: I have exactly the same problem on my more average side of playing my two characters are stuck there…

Welcome to the forums, @blackbird. I’ve taken the liberty of translating your post, as we’re an english-speaking community.


Game is crasing on the xbox when I try to logg inn f 2days now and I hate it but I love the game and I want to play today need help now its kick me out of the game and evry time i try to restart

If you did the ‘Clearing the Way’ mission start, uninstall FNIX Rising DLC and itll be fixed. Its a known issue and should hopefully be fixed in the hotfix due soon.

Yes correkt… i start it and the bus whas driving but I cant se the buss and after i try to restarte det game it start kick me out evry time i go inn the game

Please give a feedback if it worked for you.

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Yes I will lett you know

Yes it work the unistal the dlc

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Moved to thread covering the issue. Again.


I come home ready to play and I see an update is this the hot fix lol?

Yes it is.

Thank you for the hotfix just finished the FNIX missions they were a blast.

Keep up the good work.

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A fix is announced for the next update.


Awesome news to hear ! :slight_smile: