FNIX Rising - Clear the way crashing

This is a known issue. Moved to existing thread.


I’m on Xbox One x, when every time I escort the truck to a certain point a missile is fired at the truck and then the game crash. Can you please fix this I’m trying to finish the dlc missions.

when is the patch rolling out?

No news on that yet.

the mission is going okay but around where you have to hack to open the gates the game started tanking and eventually crash it has now crashed on me twice don’t know what is causing it yet, need to be looked into

This is a known issue. Moved to existing thread.


Hey everyone I didnt want to start new topic so maybe writing in this one will be better.
Platform : PS4 Pro

During the escorting the truck game crashes when trying to shoot robots near Guteby Farm/Fenix structures.
When ignoring enemies game will not crash till the moment the rocket is about to hit the truck.
The moment the rocket hits console crashes and blue screens.
Tried everything but nothing works and can’t find workaround.

I started the game a few weeks ago, and i started he dlc FNIX Rising, and having problems trough the entire mission, especifically after gutsby farm, when the truck is hitted by the missile, i can’t avoid that and the game crashes, i have mid/high specs pc, an R5 4500, RX 5700XT, 16gb RAM and the game is located on ssd, the game just stops and closes after the missile, i seem there was a hotfix but didn’t work for me, idk if need to install manualy or what, i just headed the truck and do everything myself witout the truck and getting trough after, but in gutsby is impossible :frowning:
correction farm gutteby xD

Hi GenZero folks,

Great game and the bug fixes have been great and timely. Hope you can help me with this one!

I’m on PS4 and every time I’ve followed Calle in the armored vehicle and reach the first tank, the game goes to a blue error screen with code number CE-34878-0 (Game app number???). I’ve also had the game go to blue screen and tell me that the game file is corrupted. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game 5 times now with no changes. Last time I reinstalled most of my safe houses have disappeared but then suddenly reappeared after reopening after the error screen popped up following Calle.

Hope you can you help? Appreciate anything you can do in advance!

Thank you!

Thanks for the report. I’ve moved this to the main thread covering the issue. It is bound to be fixed next update.


I’m playing on Xbox series x and in the clear the road mission when the cannon shell hits my game crashes every time regardless of what I try

Edit I’ve got it on an external hard drive don’t know if that’s a potential cause

Please search next time, this is a well-documented issue.
Moved to main thread.


Add me to the list of game crashing during the Clearing the Path mission. As soon as the cannon shot hits, game crashes. Just started having this issue on xbox series x and single player. This is my last main mission.

I’m so glad this is going to get a fix. Just started my 4th coop playthrough and ran into this bug. No way past it after many, many attempts. Also I can attest to the explosions near the truck causing a crash in addition to the rocket explosion.

Could something be wrong with Calle’s truck? Perhaps this is the cause of the Ringfort crash issue when the truck is parked inside the garage during “The Ringfort” mission? Thanks again for the notice of a patch!

Could’ve been it, yeah, Odin.

Looks like that patch/hotfix went out to XBox and WIN10 PC players, yesterday? PS and other users should get it next week or so, I think I saw?

For those who were having issues, have things improved any?

It would be nice to hear from you folks, one way or the other…

Yes it fixed itfor my girlfriend and I. As soon as the patch hit, we immediately went to where we left off with Calle at the farm just before the missle hits his truck (crashes on impact). Breezed right through and completed the mission.

I was very happy to say the least!



I had meant to get back in here yesterday or so—somebody I was talking to on XBL said the FNIX Rising issues are all resolved for him, too. He’d been having issues before, I told him about the update and that it should be fixed, and he finally got back to me about it. I intended to relay that back here, sooner.

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