Crashing at hotel

Hi - I downloaded Alpine Unrest a few days ago. The game keeps freezing / crashing. Have made it to defending the hotel but it crashed three times and resets at the start of the waves.

Can you offer any advice please?


Welcome to the forums. My best advice is to make a proper bug report, so we can get all the details first.
As it is now, we don’t know anything other than that you’re having problems with the game.

Xbox one
Game freezes and exits to Xbox home page at different stages of the hotel protection mission. Has now done so 5 times in 24 hours after different waves, including twice today after only the very first wave. I lose all deployed inventory (mines etc) and ammo. Very frustrating. It is not a time out / hotel being destroyed, just a crash.
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Have restarted several times, tried other missions etc but still crashes, most recently it seems to be happening sooner each time.
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Hi - do you have any advice for me please. Game is now crashing when I play on main island missions which it never used to when I played off the disc purchased game (completed all missions previously in full with no problem before the recent Alpine download), thanks

Xbox One users are currently experiencing crashes as a result of the FNIX Rising Hotfix, the main thread about reporting it is here. Another fix is currently in the works.

I just downloaded FNIX DLC and that crashes too. So I have bought two DLCs that don’t work, and since then, the main game crashes now too, which it never did before. I thought the core game was amazing, but this experience is poor.

Yes mate, major issues world wide.

Best we can do at the moment is as @Zesiir mentioned - bug report template in the right thread is the best we can do at the moment.