Cutscenes please

I find the story harder to follow when it’s through letters and recordings. Sometimes I don’t find it fun to read every note or newspaper. I think to immerse us more in the story some cutscenes would be nice, and to learn more about the types of enemies and their weakpoints our characters could talk outloud, say what they see or know.

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I feel that cut scenes are not the style of the game. What would you think about dialog based information instead?

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Yes, I think cut scenes would feel a bit awkward in this game. You come home from a trip to find your world abandoned, and you have to figure everything out yourself.


It’s not the awkwardness - it’s that it’s a small team and cutscenes are incredibly expensive and time-consuming to create. They cost a fortune, and we’d all prefer content - so read the chuffin’ notes on the fridge!

Anyway - I hate cutscenes. Drags me straight out of the story to watch someone else. Screw that…


For me, GZ is more like Dogme 95 (Lars von Trier etc.). Cut scenes are more like Hollywood. GZ is not Hollywood. For me.

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I can agree with the previous statements here, i like the way gz has it’s own atmosphere and cutscenes would potentially take away from that, instead i think it would be better to get more scenes like what we saw in alpine with ;


How the jet crashes during the mission nothing but the snow

IMO that felt much more natural to the general feeling of generation zero.


Yes that would also work. It would feel also more “alive” if characters, even our own, could talk or think. There are many games with that type of feature, I dont know if you’ve played Kingdom Come Deliverance for example, the character makes observations when reaching a key part of the game, like a strategic points of interest or things that could be of valuable information to the player.