I want NPCs to talk to me more during missions

Now that we have NPCs, it would be great if they regularly talked to me during missions while I am on site.

I was just on an investigative mission and was supposed to turn on the power. I was thinking: “Huh, why would I want that? Wouldn’t that be dangerous?” An NPC talking me through the mission goals and means would be real neat. Could be over a radio connection.


I think if the game really wants to go the NPC route it should be done properly and they should be ‘humanised’. Pegnose’s suggestion is a good step towards that. If we’re not going to care about them one way or another then they’re as good as a ringbinder or answer machine.

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Not to mention toasters.


NPCs do talk to you via walkie-talkie when you’re out doing missions. Not as much or often but it’s a start.

Here’s a thing that REALLY annoyed me… * spoiler alert * (side mission)


On the mission you get from the band-dude in the hotel cellar, you go back to his father’s house to find a letter. You find his father and a lot of other people killed. You also find that his father has indeed read the letter, like the son had hoped he would. Wouldn’t it make sense if you ACTUALLY went back and told the son that his father was dead, and that he had found the letter? No… The guy doesn’t even say anything when you get back! This is not a satisfactory end to perhaps the most emotional mission in the entire game… :thinking:

Now that you mention it, yeah, a few times.

(have adjusted title and first post accordingly)

Yes, a lot of room for improvement here. This can have various reasons, though. Getting mono-/dialogues right is not an easy task (see other games). It is also costly, lot of work for the speakers and the audio team. Maybe the studio wanted to dip its feet into the whole NPC thing and see how well it gets accepted before going all-in. There are players who are quite opposed to NPCs as for the impact on the original GZ atmosphere.


Well, of course. But in the mission I mentioned, they could easily solve this problem by just making it a final objective to go back to the man to report your findings, where it would end with him saying a few words about it, as you get mission completed. This happens in other missions, doesn’t it?

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To me, the single worst mission was Normal Lives (wedding party). Not because it’s difficulty but because the story in it. That is one of THE WORST things to happen to anybody and i still don’t understand what was the reasoning behind by putting that into the game. :angry: GZ would be far better off without that mission in the game.

What angers me the most, is Patrick and his comments about that mission. For those who doesn’t know who Patrick is, he is developer who works with world design and side mission design. Patrick was the one who designed Normal Lives side mission in GZ, especially the body placement. He also showcases that mission end loc in one of the latest dev streams, at 00:51:00,
link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/513977552?filter=archives&sort=time
A terrible scene. And he goes there, laughing! :rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

By that mission alone, GZ should be rated PEGI 18, not PEGI 12 as it currently is. (PEGI labels classification)

Okay, I actually shouldn’t have said what you just quoted me on, because I still have a few missions left to do on Himfjäll, “Normal Lives” included… :zipper_mouth_face:

I’m gonna do that mission next time I play, so I know what you’re talking about. :wink:

If you’d be “true” fan of GZ :wink:, you would’ve watched the dev stream and knew about that mission in advance. :smiley:

As far as that side mission goes, you’ll find newelyweds diary and what is written in that diary really sank in for me (not going to spoil what is written in there). That diary flamed my hated towards that mission.

Maybe the NPC are half Finnish and don’t like to chit chat too much? :smiley:

What comes to the wedding mission, it was a spot on. Robot uprising such as this shouldnt be fun and joy all the time. They could bring out even more darker themes and missions to the game to dish out true desperation of such SHTF situation.

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This is not really on topic. The wedding thing, I mean.

Yeah, it’s offtopic but since NJR87 mentioned most annoying mission, i felt that i could also share my worst mission.

Back to the topic:
Any specific line you’d like to hear from NPCs? Or just some general info about their stay and feel about machines?

On a second thought, NPCs call in for you without warning and if you’re in commotion, it’s hard to hear what they are saying. There are subtitles (at least in my game) to read but you can’t replay the message to hear it again.

Also, how much chatter would do? Since i don’t like GZ to turn into radio talk show.

In that specific situation I was unsure as to why I would want to enable power to the place. A reason/line of thought would have been helpful for the plausibility of my progress.

In general, mission steps sometimes feel they come a little out of nowhere, scripted. Even if it is due to my lack of attention at the text snippets in the Log. A dialog, or even monologic lines would make the whole thing feel more organic.

After all, the NPCs give you a task: Go there. This is basically what the first line of many missions say. Arriving there your player character could make a short notion about the state of the place. The NPC could reply: “Well, that is odd. See if…” And then the next mission step would come up. You get the idea.

That would also make the NPCs more lively and they would seem more interested in the mission progress and eager to see results or find clues, if they are “with you”.

It can also make missions seem more dynamic, the steps would seem less fixed but depending on the outcome of the previous one. Altogether, it would make the whole mission thing seem more natural and more relevant to the characters living in the world.

Well, first of all those radio transmissions should not play while you’re in battle. Obviously. Or while other mission related sound effects play.

I would not vote for removing the Log’s text snippets. All relevant info should still be there.

And I am not talking about constant communication on the radio. My suggestion is purely mission and task related.

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I agree with this, and think it’s a good idea, but it would take a good amount of time to make the update, just for some more cinematics. I would like to see this, too, but I’m not sure if the devs are very concerned with it right now.

In dev streams, it has been asked about cutscenes in the game. Devs answer to that is at 00:10:28,
link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/507764161?filter=archives&sort=time

I’d love NPC dialogue even outside of missions. Maybe you can interact with them and they’ll say something, or even something more complex down the line like calling you randomly on a walkie talkie and giving you a daily mission.