Dangerous Experiments Update - Coming Soon

They have now revealed the update on all socials, rather than just stream. I suspect we have about 2 weeks before release.


Reaper the creeper ?

Anyone knows any info at all?

It could be one of these or anything else at all.

  • New experimental weapons
  • New experimental attachments and equipment
  • New experimental ammo types
  • New experimental enemies
  • Reaper enhances nearby machines
  • New environmental dangers
  • 1 Reaper per region

:sweat_smile: :thinking:

3 new EXP weapons is most we know. Along with stuff on the end of year “roadmap”


Thanks for the heads up

The AG-5 has got to be one if the new experimental it just has to be. 1st: Only 5.56 base game assault rifle 2nd: Very fun to use 3rd: There are experimental 5.56 ammos but no weapons synergies with experimental weapons meaning that it either is the KVM 89 or the AG5.

Agreed. Hopefully they give it a really good superpower to have good synergy with ammo types. Because current 5.56 exp types are rather underwhelming compared to what’s available for other guns - particularly 7.62 shock ammo.

What kind of powers do you think it could have? Maybe shockwave rounds or something.

I don’t think the existing experimental ammo for 5.56 will be changed. So if there is a new experimental weapon with 5.56 it should offer a good synergy with these experimental ammo types. I don’t know what this could be. I even don’t know if I didn’t already suggest something for that case :rofl:

Vous rajoutez des nouvelle expérience penser déjà à réparer tout les bug sur ps4 pas de reapers voué été à côté de la plaque quand ton lance un jeux on le fait correctement et pa de la merde

its an reaper seems like new difficulty of something because the picture has an reaper and its experimental ennemy because has mutliple types of stuff using from the reaper. so thats my guess if im correct im happy for it.

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The new War Figurine Collectibles have now been revealed to be in the North Coast Region. Time for some more Soviet Lore, again.


Exciting , these keep coming 🫡❤️

This update will be so cool!
Also, I have a question. I picked up an War Figurine at the Soviet Trenches. Do you think this will affect my Collectables progress when the update will be launch? I hope not. Also, will it come Tuesday?

It wont be this Tuesday, i doubt they’d wait til pretty much last minute to announce the update. Im guessing itll be Tuesday 13th at 10am CET. It also wouldnt surprise me if that messes up the progression, thankfully we have 4 world options so youre safe no matter what.

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Yeah, I forgot about the 4 worlds. Tomorrow I think we will get some news from the Team on Social Media

Base on all other update announcements, yep we should be seeing another post about the update either Monday or Tuesday.

EXP weapons appear to have been revealed for the next update and a release date of Monday the 12th. Forgot to add but theyll take a closer look at one of the EXP weapons on Wednesday, this came from the Announcement on the Discord.


Time to be a Sci-Fi cowboy.

They chose the .243 instead of the .270. Weird