Day-night cycle

All right, question time: I got a buddy of mine to buy Gen Zero, and the first thing he asks me is how long the day-night cycle lasts. I’ve been playing for several hundred hours now, but I never did time it… :thinking:

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yeah I want to know that too

Nights are longer than days, due to the game’s setting. But the exact time, I don’t know.

I don’t know the exact time either - but on another note, when base building is introduced, it would be obvious to be able to rest and skip forward to either day or night. :sunglasses:

But in multiplayer it would be like minecraft “All players must be sleeping in a bed”

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“You cannot sleep because a machine is near by” :smiley:


“Dont attack straight down the hill at a machine!”

Explodey tick: Hissssssssssssss

As far as I remember some guy on YT once measured the cycle realtime-wise. 50/50, two hours daytime, two hours nighttime.

Long ago I recorded 24hour ingame timelapses and those were 4 hours long with a 50/50 split of day/night

So the consensus seems to be around 4 hours for a ‘day’ - thanks, my dudes and dudettes! :kissing_heart:

But i think it’s changing this update because the game is set in wnter there is more night hours than day

@Admiralgamer, do you mean, we are now in winter season until next update? This photo I made on the 9th of july. Does not look like winter. Could it not be that in addition to a day and night cycle, there is also a seasonal cycle running. If so, when a day-night cycle takes about 4 hours, how long would it take to change a season, a new DLC?

I meant how the day night cycle is changing so because its winter nightime is longer

The game is set during winter, currently it’s December 1989. That’s pretty much what it looks like, on a good day. Ingame time is not dependant on IRL season.

IRL, Scandinavian weather is all over the place, especially in winter. In coastal areas, you can often get what feels like 3 different seasons in just 1 day!
There’s most likely no seasonal cycle in-game, but instead to give us some variety, they have made Östertörn with autumn on the southern half, and winter on the northern half. Such a huge local difference is not realistic of course, so it’s best not to think about it that way.
I actually like it. After spending a lot of hours up north, its always refreshing to go down south to get out of the snow for a while. :slight_smile:

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Ok, The game currently is set in winter. Hopefully the story will progress through different seasons. I would like to see the landscape in other seasons too.

Hey people. :slight_smile:

Didn’t read about anyone coming to a conclusion on this topic.
I clocked the day/night cycle yesterday.
From sunset to sunrise I counted 2 hours and 5-10 minutes.
Most likely, my timing was slightly off, and the cycle is exactly 2 + 2 hours.

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I wonder why night seem so much longer than day when playing with them balanced on an even time table?

The game feels just dark, which is a fun creepy feeling. Enjoy the beautiful Swedish country-side at day, liberate humanity of killer machines at night.

I think this is accurate -