Defend the Ringfort Mission ("Tidal Wave") = Buggy?

I have attempted to complete the Tidal Wave mission multiple times (both alone and with a friend in Coop). I think the mission is bugged-out for me and thus it is impossible to complete.

I have completed all the prerequsite steps leading up to the Tidal Wave defense mission (I have gathered all the supplies from various nearby locations and built the perimeter fence and the 2 watchtowers etc).

I talk to Veronika below the Ringfort in the cave. She starts to talk to me and Uncle Calle on a radio who dispatch me to go outside and prepare for the defense wave gameplay mechanic. Hunker down and get ready…

The first wave of robots attacks the Ringfort (from the SE I think), and the health bar for the RIngfort Shed appears in the top left of my HUD. 100%. Let’s do this.

I battle the robots in the first wave and defeat them. Then it gets buggy…

The 2nd wave never arrives, and then at some point, The HUD overlays of the next wave of attacking robots (the black and yellow scope target icon), but there is nothing to fight. The target icons are wrong. No more robots attack. Questline will not continue.

At a certain point, the mission sometimes fails due to time expiring, etc. Then I can go back and talk to Veronika again, and start the process over again. Same results.

Traveling and saving the game far away and fast traveling back has no impact.

I have attempted the mission multiple times and it always fails. Even after restarting the GZ game (and the Xbox console). I eventually gave up and didn’t attempt to try the mission again for a few weeks. I just tried the mission again today on a whim (I was in the area using the cave’s storage box to restock supplies) and the same thing happened again. The first wave completes and then the next wave is bugged out. Questline will not continue.

I’m on Xbox so I don’t have saved games to revert back to nor do I have logs to analyze.

According to this older post (Tidal Wave - Unable to complete due to machines not spawning - #37 by baron) the issue was resolved a long time ago. But not for me on Xbox.


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