Differing interpretations "Beating the game"

This is a good point. Tbh. I forgot all about the Reaper. Spawned him, beat him a few times then promptly forgot all about it him.

The Reaper is such a missed opportunity, once I completed the FOA set I never actively tried to spawn him again.

True, this is something I did. Then deleted a char and did it again. Although, it was more out of having something to do, rather than any attempt to be a “completionist”.


You wanna start killing some of those Rivals :sweat_smile:

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5* KVMs doesn’t drop from rivals. Only from apo tank. Same goes to 6* sledge as well, that drops only from Reaper. So, i don’t need to bother my rivals at all. :smiley:


Ah, right. I forgot all about little old reaper. But the devs did good here by giving apparel rewards for beating him, so players would at least try to get those.

Yes, for some this could be part of beating the game. I forgot about those too.

I have only created a few characters, only to delete them immediately. From what I read in the forums, I have always thought that playing with other characters might mess up the stats of the first character. For the same reason I avoided any coop play.


I partly feel the same. As soon as I had the full set and sledge hammer, I only fought it a few times more, once just to check how shock ammo effected it. But I don’t feel like it is a missed opportunity, since I would not like to repeat anything in the game more than a couple of times. I would love to do the missions again sometime if I could keep my progress, but just once or twice. I need new things, new missions, new enemies, new areas, new secrets. No repeats.


Actually, i have 4 chars, all max level. Further reading: What is your skill build? - #9 by Aesyle
Though, i deleted my 1st char and started anew since she needs better skill picks. :slight_smile:

As far as FOA apparel set goes, i’m only missing the helmet. Have the rest.
Btw, taking down a Reaper, on solo game, at Guerilla difficulty, is the hardest it can get. :scream: Especially when you battle in Himfjäll. :skull_and_crossbones: (Since Himfjäll is one of the few regions where i can spawn it.)

That is all about RNG. Except consumable schems. Those are to do with base defence.

Though, i’m not the one who grinds and farms for things. I play the game usual way and if i get the required drop - great. If not - i’m not bummed out either.



  • Collect every set of collectibles in the game.
  • Collect every weapon and attachments for every level
  • Complete all current DLCs missions & Side-missions.
  • Complete all Locations.
  • Complete all main game missions & side-missions.
  • Create each of the 16 possible Character styles at least once. (e.g. Greaser, Nerd, Punk).
  • Discover all Locations.
  • Find all Apparel and have only 2 of 30 possible outfits missing.
  • Find all Easter eggs.
  • Find all mission items.
  • Find all schematics (clothing, ammo & medkit).
  • Finish the challenges in the challenge tree.
  • Have 4 chars, where all chars are maxed to level 31.
  • Max out all weapons types to Gold or Experimental with maxed out attachments.
  • Spawn and kill the Reaper X times and get the complete FOA set & 6* sledgehammer.
  • Spawn the Reaper once in every region.
  • Unlock all 3 Bicycles.
  • Unlock every safehouse.
  • Unlock all achievements.
  • Build all Resistance bases possible with concrete walls.

Edit: Content of the game that isn’t officially acknowledged, or no longer obtainable.

  • Get all 7 Gnome Masks.
  • Find a Gnome pod
  • Find a Holy Hand grenade
  • Find a Fireworks Box.
  • Collect and consume a Semla. (no sure what’s the story here, I still find these)
  • Find a First Aid Kit that restores half of the players health.

There’s an issue with this. Namely there are more than 2 event/pre-order sets, that can’t be obtained at current date. And so far, none of the event sets have made a reappearance. Those 6 include: Antarctic, Elegant, Slayer, Worn, Fancy and Radical sets.

A flawed content of the game that isn’t officially acknowledged.
If this needs to be in the 100% list, might as well include the requirement to obtain the Gnome Pod as well. And Holy Handgrenade, and Fireworks Box, and Semla.


Yay! I have these. What do I win? :rofl:

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Weren’t these; Antarctic, Elegant, Slayer, and Worn part of the Halloween event. And Halloween event we had twice, if I remember correctly

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Schematics and Apparel I think are all I’m missing from that list. My RNG is that bad for a couple of months I only got schematic duplicates, if I got any at all.

I think there maybe a few locations where I haven’t picked up all the weapons thinking about it.

Once you find gold weapons I couldn’t never be bothered scouring locations for a 2C PP Mueller or a 3C Hunting rifle. I started revisiting them but not sure how far I got.

Of course there are additional challenge trees & content we don’t have yet as Xbox players, but I can’t see me grinding the base building or horde mode solo. Not my idea of a fun time.

I always picked up the weapons, and dropped them again if I din’t want them. Later I kept them to recycle them.

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But if you want the Exp. schematics, you have to. And the grinding is highly exaggerated. I would give it a try if I were you. :grin: Remember the base doesn’t need to be big. You can defend it from outside if you do not like building a nice base.

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Yes. There were 2x Halloween events, with same rewards. Somehow, i missed/forgot the 2020 event. :thinking: I guess i was too busy in the forums.

But do you also have this? →




I farmed a few when they were in the game, I still have them.


I think that ‘beating the game’ stands for the moment you say to yourself, I did it, I finished all I wanted to do in this game. And what ever a player crosses off that list, that’s what they have beaten. There is no ‘one way’ to beat the game, there are many. But, I do think, that if a player only crosses off missions and side-missions, they should not be claiming the game is too short. :hourglass_flowing_sand:


So did the devs. It didn’t work at first. :wink:

The apparel items weren’t added to the loot pool over the Halloween weekend and they had to “extend” it.


At this stage of development of I have done most of what I can and like to do. Grinding for stuff, like weapons or apparel is what I normally don’t do. I did give it a try this week to seek out some Apoc class machines on Östertörn, but gave up fairly quick because I could be doing that for months and still not find the stuff I looking for, so that’s a no no. Just like Aesyle, I like to find that stuff, but if not, that’s OK too.

How are you faring qua things still to do?

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Yup. :wink:

Please forgive the photograph rather than a screenshot; yesterday’s alpha update to my Series X broke my ability to take screenshots (among other things).


With this, you need to be careful, especially when you “share” the high-end weapons you have. Since when you do the latter, you’ll be doing the same as one user back in the day did, topic: Guns and Ammo fix - #30 by Aesyle