Difficulty Setting


Can we have an easier difficulty setting. Not all of us are full time gamers and I for one have never played a game where I die on average 6 times an hour only to respawn a long way away from my target meaning I have to fight and hope I stay alive long enough to reach my goal.
It really takes the fun out of the game.


I’m no hardcore gamer either, but I find the difficulty manageable.

First of all, make sure to pick up all medkits you find + adrenaline shots to revive yourself, so you don’t have to respawn every time.

Second, choose your battles wisely. This game can sometimes spawn a group of enemies you simply aren’t equipped to deal with unless you are armed to the teeth, or in multiplayer.
You must sometimes use stealth to get around enemies that are just too strong.
Run & gun Rambo tactics are useless early in the game, and only work against the weaker enemies once you get some good gear. The game gives you a decent sense of when you are ready for taking on enemies that were too strong before.

Learn the weak spots of the machines to shoot for. Gas tanks, weapons, joints, sensors etc.
Use the environment to your advantage. Fight from cover or from inside buildings.
Don’t carry too many weapons, but carry lots of ammo for the ones you have.
As early as possible, get the skills “increased carry capacity” to max your inventory, and “salvage”, so you get more ammo.


Choosing your battles is not always possible when you are following the storyline of the game especially when the robots can spot you miles away.


I think you just need to be better at the game to be honest. It’s not the game’s fault that your incapable of beating it. It would only be the fault of the game when nobody could beat it, and yet many have. It doesn’t need to be tailored to you.
If you ask me just practice more. That is all.


How early in the game are you? On the first island (Archipelago region) you follow a continuous set of missions, more or less until you get to the Farmlands region, or at least to Salthamn. These missions are short and quite easy, but you still need to feel your way forward so you don’t get in over your head, especially now after they made the first island harder. When I played it in march there were only a few Runners and Ticks there. Retreat and stack up if your’e overwhelmed. Look around for better weapons. The .32 pistol won’t get you very far! The hunting rifle, shotgun and machine pistol should be relatively easy to find early on.

When you enter the Farmlands region all safeties are off, and you encounter Harvesters, Tanks and packs of Hunters. When I first got here, I had to escape more machines than I fought! The map is also much less linear now, and you go on missions at your own pace. You start with the easiest fights and missions, and you gradually build up your skills and equipment, until you are ready to take on the bigger fish. But again, this tactic can be used from the very start.

If you are still stuck on the Archipelago, I don’t know what else to say than just keep trying. You will eventually reach a point where the balance tips, and you now feel equipped for taking vengeance on the machines that bested you before, and the game feels so much more rewarding from now on. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: I’ll add that I do however support that they switch the Archipelago region back to it’s original difficulty, where you fought Runners, Ticks, Seekers and just a few Hunters in scripted locations. I can see from many posts in this forum that the first region is too hard now for new players.


I didnt ask for the game to be tailored to suit me and me alone. This is the only game I own out of more than 400 without difficulty settings and I am saying that some of the missions are to hard for the average Joe to tackle, an example of this is the Secret Cargo mission, those robots know I am there before I do. At 67 years old I am not going to get any better playing the games.


Why are you attacking AlanWade? He is absolutly right. There are manny players who think this game is too hard. There is absoutly no reason to not make an easier mode. If it is no fun to play the review will be bad and therefore less people will buy it in the future. So it will hurt our game and the development of new stuff in the long run. And if you think it is too easy for you just set it harder.


Keep it level, guys. Balance is a difficult thing to master so everyone enjoys it. The game’s only been out for some 3 months so far, I’m sure we can expect more improvements as feedback keeps coming. Until then we’ll have to work together and help eachother out, yeah?


Having heard that, I’m 62 and I am getting better at this. Mostly on decision-making, but also technique. Took me time to find a rhythm. I don’t take them on unless I can win. Every time I do otherwise I regret it.


@Dantec @Xezr Did I say something wrong? Did I attack him? I was trying to give him my own starting tips.

Or did you mean the comment before mine?


@AlanWade if you are on Steam, message me here and I’ll run around in game with you sometime and give you some tips. Don’t let people put you off, the game isn’t solo friendly at all.


Yes I have Steam and thankyou for your kind offer.


In general. Looks like things turned sour there for a sec.


Hey Alan. The other thing is: if you can find a beacon, and destroy it, it gives you a radio. If you carry the radio to wherever you think it’s a toughie, you can drop the radio at a safe distance, but close enough to re-attack. Then, if you run out of adrenaline, then you can respawn where you think home is, and immediately fast-travel to the radio and you are back in the fight, with 100% health.

As for the difficulty, I think that there should be a “Campaign” mode, closer to the original idea (see launch video) where robots all keep the damage they take and nothing spontaneously respawns every time you switch on. Then you could take your time over a mission, with careful reconnaissance, planning, setting ambushes, sniping and coming back to finish the job when you have sufficiently degraded the defence.

BTW, I started with Commander Keane, followed by Red Baron…


@Bootie Thats good to know, thanks for the tips.


I like your “campaign mode” suggestion. This would suit the game perfectly, and make it more like the trailer promised, as you said. :slightly_smiling_face:

Multiplayer isn’t for everybody.


Well, I just took on the Fort and Artillery base and it took me six hours. That’s a long old session. I only died a couple of times when I met the “Shockwave” for the first time (what’s that all about?). But I’d have been happier to take that one in three two-hour sessions. I daren’t have stopped, 'cos I’m back where I started and half my ammo gone. I think the work has already been done to introduce that mode - I think it’s all in place. If my time were over again and I could choose that mode, then I’d find a secure home base and patrol round it and explore, and then move on to the next. Life wouldn’t get too impossible until I was ready for it…


Just wait till you get to Östervik…

It took me almost 10 hours of game-play just to loot the town properly, and that’s without even clearing all the missions there or killing everything (that said, Nymanen at the south end of the peninsula Östervik is on is a great place to restock, and will be even better when they finally fix the toolbox loot bug).

In general, I agree though, the game as-is is somewhat difficult in a lot of cases because it really does skew towards longer sessions being favorable. That said, it is nice to be able to reload and force the random spawns to relocate, I’ve found way too many FNIX tanks roaming in the mountains and forest that just aren’t worth my time to deal with…


thats the fun of it, raging your wits off!!! Happy playing!!!


Yeah it would be nice to be able to set the difficulty setting. Maybe somewhat like Skyrim and Fallout where you can change it at anytime, even in the middle of combat.

But I’m fine with the machines randomly spawning, as long as that unbelievably irritating bug (which makes Hunters, Runners and Ticks magically “spawn” inside the barn or house you’re in) gets fixed soon! I mean, you’re pretty inferior as it is - so them messing up your cover isn’t that fair :wink: