Direct impact from electric switchboard to electricity in building

Outside houses, on outer wall, there is white electric switchboard. When you shoot on it - it create some EMP to disarm robot.
My suggestion is connect it to electric in house.
When you shoot it down, the electric in house is gone. All light’s, lamp’s, tv’s is off power.

Not really important, but may be interesting for gameplay.


I was just starting a topic about this when this showed up. I agree, electricity should be cut completly, not only for a bit of realism, but I also often find myself shutting down all lights if I’m in a house at night with enemies outside, to easier spot them from within the house.

I would like it if the devs consider this, even though it’s a minor request.


The lights must be switched off because of the environment, bills, climate change. I just fight with paying less but that wasn’t possible until I have discovered and compare the energy prices. I always unplug the devices, turn off the lights, my minimalist lifestyle changed everything. So, I paid huge bills because of the supplier. Due to I find the courage to switch to a cheaper tariff and now I pay just 0.80 per watt

Allright, here I go recommending the same thing again.

I just really want to see lights as an option to switch off entirely in a house. I want this to affect the machine behavior in a good and bad way. If you were to use all the light switches inside a house to make it dark, machine classes will not be interested from their regular patrol except Seekers. This gives snitch discs a whole new purpose to be ominously creepy. Seekers are more likely to check dimmed out houses with a search light and shine it through windows. You can either try and take it out before the alarm or wait for it to pass by, but this needs to be a thing for immersion.

How this ties in with my suggestion is simple - Either turn off lights individually or shoot the Switch and attract a little attention, but ultimately make the house dark quicker.

4 Months old video suggestion - Here (Even timestampted the lights point)
Another comment I made including this - Here