Disable Auto Aim

The auto-aim, especially towards dead robots is INCREDIBLY OBNOXIOUS.

Mid firefight you pass a dead enemy and your reticle locks onto it and makes it sluggish to aim away.
More than 1 dead enemy in a small area and you’re screwed.

Add the ability to disable auot aim…it serves no purpose.


You have auto-aim?.. I haven’t noticed anything like that in my game… :confused:

Same as @Jonasflink in my case, I haven’t noticed anything like that. If that is the case I think that’s a bug of some kind, I don’t think auto-aim is supposed to be a thing.

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Yeah, it definitely has soft auto-aim on console. I can’t imagine it would have it on PC, but the OP didn’t specify a platform. But the only thing wrong with it is that it targets dead enemies for some reason.

The scope glitch is far more problematic. Using an ACOG at the moment is like trying to wave with a 100 kg weight strapped to the end of your arm.


I have the same issue and I play on pc using a controller. Always wants to aim towards dead machines even when just running by them. Also when using an automatic weapon it wants to snap up towards the sky and makes that a pain also. Don’t know if this is a problem with mouse and keyboard as I’ve not tried it.

Interesting. I’ve played with both Keyboard/Mouse and Controller and haven’t run into this problem. I’d suggest posting it as a bug report.

I should specify: This issue is on Xbox One.

It auto-aims towards corpses and drastically slows down aiming.

I was killed for the 3rd time in a firefight (which prompted this post) due to being unable to aim at an enemy because of the pile of dead bots around me.

Sometimes auto aim kicks my aim up high from I’d say During a center level as I ads it climbs up 32-45 degrees and it costs me usually getting damage as I have to bring myself out of ads to re center to ads again or hip fire since most times the hunters would than be at my neck and by the way this is with out shooting aka recoil


Can confirm with all know friends this happens all the time.(5 friends)Only dead enemies. Very strong pull. It’s horrible fighting this.


Its to the point Ive stopped playing because of it. The further inland you go the more enemies. The more enemies the more you get screwed by auto aim

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Yeah, I’m on pc and I’ve noticed that soft auto-aim. Not on dead enemies but just enemies in general. And or when firing a rocket launcher and it kicks up (recoil) but doesnt go back down so you’re forced to look back down. (same case with other games) its not all the time but some times, Which im seeing it as a bug.

Yea the aim jump gets old fast too, but it hasn’t gotten me killed yet. Auto aim has

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Yeah I was pretty far up north and it’s pointless to try anything but full auto weapons and hip fire at that, otherwise you’re only gonna hit dead enemies or shoot at the sun. Hope for a fix soon as all these problems are finally getting to me at this point! :unamused:


Noticed this on PC when using a controller too. It’s a bit annoying and I’d appreciate an option to disable auto-aim because of it.

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I stopped playing once I reached the main island. The enemies are so thick in places there that theres no point in even trying, as you’ll die pointing at corpses.

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Aim-assist should be disabled on PC by default unless you are using a controller. I bet it’s a bug for people who have controllers plugged onto PC or have their drivers installed.

Also let us change scope sensitivity. Iron sights are so much more sensitive than any other sight in the game.

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I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s obnoxious, but it’s definitely a feature that needs to be removed.

I find that when I am trying to lead a target, the reticle will stick to it, instead of allowing a proper lead-ahead. I noticed this with Seekers the most, as again, the reticle would start to pull me towards its centre, instead of allowing me to properly lead.

The “gravitational pull” of your reticle towards a destroyed machine CAN sometimes be useful, but it can be particularly frustrating when I am still in combat, and the reticle starts to pull towards the deatroyed machine, instead of my actual target.

Aim assist should be disabled on all platforms not just PC. It servers no help. Aiming at a dead runner fuel cell doesn’t help anyone.

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That’s a bug as it does it to me on console. only to dead robots though. I don’t feel any aim assist when in a fire fight. And it’s only became noticeable to me after patch

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It’s sad man, I know this is 1 step forward and leaps back. I know it’s all going to be patched but I would have waited another week or two to avoid the state my game is in now.

The auto aim bug is nothing compared to wall hacks, and .32 on runners…

Anyone know if a new save WAS needed or we stuck like this?

Kerbal Space Program was pulled from Psn market place for less bugs… They have no option but to fix the state or it’s going to get real messy.
No questions asked Sony handed out refunds and pulled the game. Devs don’t let this happen… WE CAN WAIT for a working fix… but as of now… everything is broken in all kinds of ways.

I’m just going to play The Hunter and enjoy the Apex world that works…