Disable Auto Aim

Noticed this on PC when using a controller too. It’s a bit annoying and I’d appreciate an option to disable auto-aim because of it.

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I stopped playing once I reached the main island. The enemies are so thick in places there that theres no point in even trying, as you’ll die pointing at corpses.

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Aim-assist should be disabled on PC by default unless you are using a controller. I bet it’s a bug for people who have controllers plugged onto PC or have their drivers installed.

Also let us change scope sensitivity. Iron sights are so much more sensitive than any other sight in the game.

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I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s obnoxious, but it’s definitely a feature that needs to be removed.

I find that when I am trying to lead a target, the reticle will stick to it, instead of allowing a proper lead-ahead. I noticed this with Seekers the most, as again, the reticle would start to pull me towards its centre, instead of allowing me to properly lead.

The “gravitational pull” of your reticle towards a destroyed machine CAN sometimes be useful, but it can be particularly frustrating when I am still in combat, and the reticle starts to pull towards the deatroyed machine, instead of my actual target.

Aim assist should be disabled on all platforms not just PC. It servers no help. Aiming at a dead runner fuel cell doesn’t help anyone.

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That’s a bug as it does it to me on console. only to dead robots though. I don’t feel any aim assist when in a fire fight. And it’s only became noticeable to me after patch

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It’s sad man, I know this is 1 step forward and leaps back. I know it’s all going to be patched but I would have waited another week or two to avoid the state my game is in now.

The auto aim bug is nothing compared to wall hacks, and .32 on runners…

Anyone know if a new save WAS needed or we stuck like this?

Kerbal Space Program was pulled from Psn market place for less bugs… They have no option but to fix the state or it’s going to get real messy.
No questions asked Sony handed out refunds and pulled the game. Devs don’t let this happen… WE CAN WAIT for a working fix… but as of now… everything is broken in all kinds of ways.

I’m just going to play The Hunter and enjoy the Apex world that works…

This is seriously killing the game for me. I try to move left only for my aim to move right.

I line up a shot only to have a runner move across the screen and suddenly I’m aiming at a wall.

I’m running in a bunker and suddenly I’m staring at the floor because it locked into something on a lower floor.

I try to shot a tick but I can’t because the aim assist is locked onto a different tick and I can’t unstick the aim.

Nothing kills a game that relies on precision aiming like losing the ability to control where you aim.


We don’t have that on PCs (at least I think we don’t!), but you should be able to turn it off! Is it not a menu option like music?

Unfortunately no, there is no option to disable it. At the moment it is mandatory.

I don’t have any aim assist issues… I didn’t even think we had any tbh. xbox

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Agree with you to the utmost @Gaignun989 . It’s most noticeable when tracking Runners or Hunters that begin to strafe you or leap past you. The crosshair tends to stick to them as you rotate, but reduces your ability to aim at specific components or effectively lead shots. Don’t notice it so much at range because you’re initially fighting weapon and breathing sway.

I also believe what intensifies the frustration is that the sensitivity on gamepad between Camera and Aim isn’t quite optimized; the values don’t transition well when you leave aim and move the camera, then attempt to aim again.

Here’s to hoping they at least take a look at it again :grinning:


Haven’t noticed any assist on PS4. Maybe it came with August update. I have only tried the game a few minutes after the latest update. (To much lag and empty ammo boxes for clients so waiting for next update.)

I only notice it a few times it will auto aim on a down robot almost holding the aim. Or most time pull the aim. Never on a mobile enemy.
PS4 pro-heater unit lol.
It’s only done that a few times to me. A few weeks ago i was fighting 2 harvester. A dozen runners. And 1 tank in a town south end of the snow region off the coast. Heavily bogged the frames down and it did that slow enough to let me grasp it snapped to a prior down hunter.

Hopefully someone with some authority will see this topic and bring it to their attention.

Its just weird that it has no effect when aiming down the sights but any other time I can make my camera turn 90 degrees without touching the right stick.

I’m on Xbox and I’ve never had an aim assist issue. Tickers remain my most hated enemy, because they’re just so damn hard to hit, and I have on occasion wastes entire clips just trying to kill the little bastards. Although if there is an issue, I’m sure just adding the option to disable it would be a good solution.

Aim assist is on by default, in game. There is no option to toggle it on or off.

While some players may welcome aim assist, it presents a notable disadvantage when dealing with strafing enemies, as the AA will slow down your rotation speed as you rotate to catch up with a strafing opponent.

It’s small, but has resulted in many a death. Further options to toggle aim assist, hud, rebind controls on console, etc would all be welcomed with open arms.


Aim assist is something i have never understood why it is implemented on the newer consoles in the first place. Are the console controllers really that inaccurate that game devs have to give players more of an edge?

Note: i don’t have any consoles (i’m PC player) and only console i ever had long time ago was NES.

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Some players like it, but I personally don’t. More often than not, aim assist will be counterproductive for me, pushing my sight away from the designated target, or causing me improperly aim in other ways.

Again, some players like it, so I believe that a toggle option would be beneficial.

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Please do something about the aim assist, the hit box is 0.5m from the target and it stucks there. Fix the hit box or make optional. 2nd, the aim speed while using scopes are ridiculous slow, red dot needs to be faster atleast. Thanks!

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