Discussing explosives

I’m wondering if the use of explosives are completely obsolete in GZ. Especially for end-game players.
I’ve always carried around hand grenades and the grenade launcher, but I almost never use them. Using the 6* launcher, it’s hard to get both rockets to hit a pack of machines, and they barely make a dent on the big ones. I think I’m gonna ditch all explosives from now on, and carry extra ammo instead.
Do you use explosives, and how do you use them?

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I’ve had some success tossing hand grenades from behind cover. They kill runners if aimed carefully, and the survivors don’t know where I am (stealth indicator turns yellow but not red).

Also, on Adventurer difficulty, rockets take out FNIX hunters in one hit. Good for reducing enemy numbers.

I think we need a crosshair for throwing flares and grenades


The only explosive i carry around are HE rockets with my 6* m/49 for situational use (when machines are grouped together). However, with the addition of 6* KVM 59 and it’s chain lightning ability, it gives the same area of effect as HE rockets do, with the downside of not getting too close but considerable boost in damage output.

So, if you’re looking to tidy up your inventory, 6* KVM 59 is much better than 6* m/49.

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I usually carry the 6* PVG, the 5* AI76 and a bunch of flares. I collect grenades, launcher ammo and EMPs until my inventory is ‘full enough’, then I visit Färela, annoy the hell out of all bots (if necessary via lures), throw anything I found at them, and afterwards restart that cycle. For regular gameplay I think the frag grenades have the most use of all explosives because if you aim well enough, they finish runners and damaged hunters ‘around corners’ (when you’re boxed in). The launcher is too weak for the bigger machines IMO.
The EMP devices are another matter - they’re nice when attacking single harvesters or tanks - throw one, get a few hits in, throw the next one and so on.

@Aesyle My loadout is 6* KVM 59 and 6* PVG 90, those two are in my 1-2 slots 90% of the time. In my inventory I also carry a 6* M/49 and a 5* KVM 89. I think I’m gonna swap the M/49 for a shotgun, but not sure if I’m gonna go for 5* Sjöqvist or 6* Pump-Action?
I’ll also dump hand grenades and go with flares and medium EMP’s as throwables. :slightly_smiling_face:

The last time I actually used explosives/rockets against robots, was at least a year ago.
My loadout nowadays is purely 6* PVG, 6* AG4 and a baseball bat. Rest of the inventory is for meds, lockpicks, .50 and 7.62 ammo. Nothing else. (edit: and the inventory is always full :D)

With shottys, it depends what you want out of them.

Semi-auto has much faster fire rate but holds only 5 rounds and can take only choke barrel mod. It’s damage per shot is also lower than 12G shotty has it.
12G shotty, while with slower fire rate, has 6 rounds and can take scope (for better aim), choke and silencer.

I don’t use shotguns myself since they are close-combat weapons and i like to keep my distance. Also, at the range where shotguns are effective, you’re too close to use 6* KVM 59 and vice-versa.

For close combat, 3 out of 4 chars of mine have 5* HP5 and 4th one has 6* Kpist (since she has full-auto fire dmg bonus skill).
Other weapons i have, include my main weapon: 6* AG4 and depending on char, 6* .50 cal, 6* KVM 59, 6* m/49, 6* Klauke and 5*.44 Magnum.
I don’t use any throwables though, instead, my hot bar is filled with: bions, simple first aid kit, standard first aid kit and advanced first aid kit. Rarely, i use heavy comm array lure.

With the new challenges added in June '20 update, i do use throwables and placeables to get the challenges done.

Yep - got around 5000 7.62 and around 600 .50 rounds, 20 advanced medkits (and whatever is in my loot), and sticky flares to escape tricky situations. Lockpicks are for noobs - I unlocked every single door in the game (even those additional three doors of the munitions storage sheds) :upside_down_face:

Are you calling me a noob since all my 4x chars have 20 lockpicks always in their inventory? :thinking:

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Since Fallout 1, in every game I have hoarder as much lock picks as possible and this game ain’t an exception to that rule even if I would not need them anymore.

I know exactly how you feel - got 100 in my Plundra. :grin:
Also in Fallout 3, NV, 4, Skyrim, Dying Light. But there’s more to unlock, so it’s not as easy to ‘finish’ this task…

I always carry with me 4-6 land mines and 5 hand grenades,1000 7,62 ammo,good ol’ AG4 (5*),3 adrenaline shots,20 advanced medkits,radios and flares)))using all the time for organizing ambushes and cover escape.Really surprised why C4 remote explosive and handmade bombs still not added to the game :thinking:

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So how do you unlock those doors then?

I already did - that’s the point. I collected all lockpicks I could find, and whenever I found any locked shed or safe, I opened it, even if I knew it was empty or had other entrances unlocked already. And since the locks do not relock after a certain time, I do not need to carry any lockpicks any more. There are no more locks to pick in my game as far as I can tell. I still got a ‘backup’ set of them in my Plundra, to prepare for the unlikely event of finding another locked door, but I haven’t found anything for thirty hours or so.

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And my point of carrying 20 with me at all times is because sometimes i join random MP games and when host doesn’t have lockpicking skill, i can open the small and medium ammo storages for him/her.
Though, in my own solo game, i too have all locked doors unlocked.

No one’s stopping you - that’s a good reason to carry them. You got me to think though - would be kinda neat if there were some random rare ‘lootboxes’ that spawned all over the map that required a lockpick to open. Maybe with decent accessories or clothes?

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This has been implemented on smaller scale in the game already and chances are good that more of it comes as well.

When Archipelago got it’s 2nd POI overhaul, many houses in Salthamn got locked doors with good loot behind them. My revisit to Archipelago used 10 or so lockipicks to gain access to all that loot.

However, saying that: “Lockpicks are for noobs” isn’t nice at all.

I was hoping the :upside_down_face: would make it at least a little apparent that this statement wasn’t to be taken all that serious…

As for the ‘lootboxes’ - I kinda had that feeling when I reached the ‘mainland’ that the buildings’ arrangement and decoration were less intricate than in the Salthamm area. Do you think this’ll be extended to the other regions as well?


June '20 update brought some overhaul to South Coast and Farmlands regions. And devs do plan to overhaul all base game regions.