[DLC Ideas] Dump Them Here!


Anybody with any ideas for any type of (DLC) Downloadable Content they want to see introduced into the game can feel free to leave it here. Have a lovely jubbly day. :wink: (Yes I’m British lol)


What I would like to see from the developers in the future is a similar type of DLC that is sort of like the Fallout 4 styled DLC’s. Something that adds an additional sub-story alongside or after the main story is completed, with additional enemies and areas to explore, new weaponry, equipment and variety of uniquely differentiated missions when compared too the vanilla game.

Furthermore I would like to see a massive expansion of the map area even going as far as getting to the mainland across the broken bridge to the far north in one of the main missions. Subsequently it could lead to a expansive area where entirely new classifications of machines could be found the bring fight to us that are even more challenging. If I had to name it I would call it the “Home Coming” DLC.

Let me know what you think down below. :wink: Have a good one… Governor. Lol


Unique or rare boss type enemies and weapons at the end of some sort of (side)mission would be nice. I also think upping the horror factor by introducing machines utilizing human/animal body parts for spare parts. Machines feeding on corpses, having blood spattered on their armour plating. While I’m at it, I also think there should be more damage done to the corpses already in the game. The machines are brutal, and I feel these pristine mannequin-like corpses goes against that.


New game +
that way when my side missions get taken away again (happened 3 times so far) i might be able to keep playing and try to get them on the next play through


I would like to see some kind of base fortification DLC. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a base building DLC. But some kind of DLC that gives you options for a home base, maybe something along the lines of the base system on State of Decay. That would be pretty cool. It would give the game more of a survival feel to it. Right now I feel like I’m just travelling along a journey, which is fine, but journeys usually have an end to them. If you had a place to call home, it would feel a lot more like you’re a part of the world, and not just along for the ride.


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id Like to see a dlc mission and call it (wolverines) and afterwards it opens into an event system. Something that goes like you get a new mission and you place a distress call and at the end you get in contact with some one on the outside and tells you to grab a military radio which they randomly giving a message about bot activity/reoccurring mini missions to help you win the fight. Paid*

New perks. Like a perk where you can operate a disabled tanks cannon as a defense turret. Free*

Weapon paint customization, personally able to color your guns and specific items like a preset. Ammo/med cans, and binoculars to be precise. Paid*


All good ideas but you must remember the Swedish tanks are destroyers which means they do not have 360 degree rotational turrets. In other words the skill you propose is useless.


No, not all swedish tanks had fixed turrets, just the ones that you see in the game :wink:

(There were three versions of the Centurion in use up til the mid 90’s)



skins for our weapons or writing eg on rocket launcher “Hunter Suppository”


True. It was more or less a concept idea of a variety I’d like to see for more fun.
Still I bet we will see more world models in the future. It seems like a few things are missing in game I’d think you’d see like tanks, anti air vehicles, apc, and euro style armored trucks/jeeps. Add a little red dawn in the game


I know that but like you said I was referring to the tanks in game.


If they’re going to add tanks, I’d much rather a Stridsvagn m/42 over a Centurion. Centurions have really crappy gun depression, and most of the places I’d want to use a tank are really hilly. That said, if we could get a Stridsvagn 81 with a Primo Victoria paint job, I’d actually pay good money for that as a DLC.


The first thing I honestly want to see is the ability to go to the couple of big islands that show roads and some buildings on them that are already on the map but can’t currently be legitimately accessed through regular means (there’s one west of Muskudden, and two east of the forest region). I mean, it’s pretty obvious given the map details that they’re there to be used for DLC.


I like every single suggestion here!
They are very good and specific!

Just remember that this company isnt Zenimax. They dont have 200 developers.
I’ve checked each update since launch and these devs are working overtime, with the right priority.
Bugs - Tweak mechanics - Remove/Fix problems for players to use the game, or play.

As I see in the patch notes, this is what they primararely have done! And the last Dev posting, says they will now focus on new stuff!

The game is also one of the bigger sales right now on Steam. (Only numbers thats public).
Which means, they get funds to push on…or hell, maybe even expand.

The game has an outstanding base. You could build on it quite a lot, and in pretty much any direction.
I’m very keen to see what the next update will include. DLC or not.

I hope the devs looks at this thread, because there is a lot of good ideas, to “steal” and create for the game =).


[ : I don’t think the game needs much D.L.C., over maybe new-areas and: robot-types. : As we can see on the map, the areas we have explored minimal, like the broken-bridge leading North to the large-land-mass. : With that would come new-weapons, attachments, robot-types, continuation of the story, ect. : I think what the developers said in the last-update was on-point, Balance. : Its absolutely welcoming to see a company focused on producing solid-game-play-experiences then dedicated micro-transaction-traps mimicked by so many other developers. ]


I agree. I think that we need a few major dlc’s rather than lots of little ones. It should be delivered in the similar size and fashion as Fallout 4 rather than something like Just Cause 3.

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So, just thought of this, but it would be kind of neat to have a cosmetic DLC themed around historical reenactment. Sweden has a long and storied military history, so there’s lots of stuff to choose from (and I would love run around with a group of friends dressed as karoliner).


I think this would be a good addition so long as I or anyone else is not paying for them, but instead have the choice to download them for free and the only thing we have to spend is storage space.


I dont’t mind if the cosmetic cost money. It doesn’t effect the game play in any way if you have it and the others didn’t buy it. If it’s weapons on the other hand I think it should be free. If you have a machinegun and your friend didn’t buy that dlc you can’t give it to him, he can’t find a better one he could give you. So weapons free and clothing can cost money. In my opinion.