DLC's and Bugs Fixes

I have purchased every DLC that the Generation Zero team has produced and I must say every single DLC is fire. People who say the weapon packs are bad are just wrong in my opinion.

And people saying they will not buy the DLC because of bugs. The Gen Z team has two separate groups where one is working on DLCs and the other is working on the base game. By them making DLCs they are not wasting their time working on the DLC instead of bugs. The team is working their hardest. Proof of separate group thing.


I don’t mind supporting the team with paid DLC, my opinion is they don’t break the bank and the game has given me many hours.
I am not playing as much at present due to the ongoing issues with Base Defence and the Challenges bug as mine have now all been wiped due to trying a new character, It would be great to clarify when these issues will be fixed, one last point will the team further develop PS5 version of the game or is this now Microsoft orientated!