Do you think the next wepon update should be free or cost money

I think the next wepon pack should be free and come with a bunch of bug fixes

I think I don’t want to see another weapon pack or cosmetic pack until some of the big issues are properly addressed. If the team needs the cash from DLCs to keep afloat while they try to sort out the worst of the issues, fine. Say so and I’ll happily keep paying for them. If Avalanche choose to release DLCs instead of spending time on fixing shit then no, i won’t buy another DLC ever.

Should next Weapon DLC be FREE?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I dont know
  • I just want to see the result

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It wont ;C

Even though we’re a small team we’re big enough to both work on fixes and new content. Would love a little list of the big issues you’re having to share with the team!


On the plus side I noticed that I can cross one thing off the list today. As my savefile caused the game to crash on every load this morning and even backed up games wouldn’t work I had to settle for losing everything yet again and start from scratch. Starting my new game I saw a note explaining to new users about Invite Only, so that was a silver lining at least. I can’t hold Avalanche responsible for people not reading the notification and kicking anyone that joins their game after they set it to anybody can join, can I?

Remains on the list is the hit and miss and miss and miss and miss of the matchmaking/lobby that can take upwards of half an hour to get through to a multiplayer game because either it times out connecting to the host or the host is no longer present.

Base building where build areas ar randomly blocked (red) for no apparent reason.

HEDP Schematic as far as I know, still stuck underground (I must admit it has been going on for so long that I haven’t even been bothered to check for a week or so. Particularly annoying when base turrets need to be fed HEDP ammo.

Soviet bots detection range. These little diesel monsters seem able to detect a player even before they come into drawing range. There can be nothing visible anywhere but some distant sound beyond a few hills tels you there is some bot on bot action going one and somehow your presence is detected and you can’t fast travel because suddenly you find yourself locked “in combat”.

Less gamebreaking but big on immersion breaking are the floating objects and huge rocks suddenly appearing on the map in the most extraordinary places and sometimes blocking access t some degree. There is a dedicated thread for this with plenty to get on with and I’m sure, given time I could run around and find more.

But for now the game remains uninstalled until I can be arsed to try to gather the will to restart the game from nothing again.

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did you try starting the game with your “old” safegame after deleting the apex connect account?

As long as this system is broken it could help temporarly.

As far as I know you aren’t in need to feed them. It’s just used as “alternative” ammo instead of the standard.

It’s not just the lynx. It’s every machine just because of the games logic that a running combat within a specific range pulls you in. Before landfall it was ok… But now with a third faction it isn’t any more, because the combats can start without player interaction.

That’s really annoying. You plan your base, you start building, but suddenly you are not allowed to place a structure without any obvious reason.