Do Schematics Stack?

Can I apply the same schematic to the same clothing article and get an increase on the effect added (for example bullet resistance)?

I tried to do it but the result is always 1%.
Right now I don’t think it makes much sense to do crafting.
In my position I have already accumulated 250 kg of material, another 80 kg have equipped them with avatar 2 and another 80 kg with avatar 4.
If you do not solve the crafting it does not make sense to accumulate material at this time.
The idea of increasing by 1% at each step is good, we hope that they implement it.

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While it does sound nice, i don’t think it would happen nor i like to see it implemented this way.

Because if you could stack the bonus, you could collect resources until you’ve maxxed out the bonus to 100%. At 100% comes immunity and you can make your char god, where it has e.g:

  • 100% bullet resistance shirt
  • 100% explosion resistance jacket
  • 100% fire resistance pants
  • 100% fall resistance shoes

With that above, only thing that could damage you is gas but there isn’t much of that in the game anyway.

However, what most likely happens (by looking what we already have), are tiered schems. Now, only 1* schems are in the game (or have been found). Making way of 2*, 3*, 4*, an 5* schems, where 5* schem can give 5% bonus.

5% bonus is quite a bit since skills give 10% bonus (Armor, Chemist) and specialization gives 25% bonus (Vanguard), making the total possible resistance: 35% from skills + 20% from clothing (if same 5% bonus is applied to all 4 clothing pieces) = 55%.

From 35% to 55% is quite a leap already.

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It could be implemented by 1% up to an established maximum ceiling, for example up to 30%.
However it is at this moment it is not convenient to carry out the crafting. We hope they have a ready-made solution in the short term.

30% ceiling is too much since even if you don’t consider skill bonuses, you’d still be looking towards immunity. With 4 different clothing items where bonus can be applied, that makes 120% bonus on singe aspect and that is way OP. The 5% ceiling i talked above is well balanced, even when considering skills.

Crafting is optional. Though, it’s there for people to do something and it necessarily doesn’t have to be cost effective.

For example: i’m way past end-game and before March update, i completely skipped any weapon/mod below 5*. But, now, i have use for them. I collect lower quality items for scrapping to get my resource stockpile up. And even though crafting isn’t cost effective, i like the exploration, sight seeing and looting far more than i like the combat.

Sorry maybe I said badly, having a maximum of 30% on each item does not mean reaching 120%, it only means that you have 30% on every single item of clothing. The percentage is not cumulative, it works only on each individual item. There will always be 70% who are not bulletproof. I hope I have explained myself well this time :smiley:

do they even work yet? i tried and it went away

All the changes I made in the clothing remained, I didn’t lose anything. Unfortunately they are still stuck at 1%

Hotfix was released few days ago, so, crafting bonuses should remain now.

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mines not staying, just checked again…

What is your game version? Since the ones with hotfix are;
PS4 : 1.18
XB1 :
STEAM BuildID : 4827006

i have version 1817101

It’s the latest one, I have the same version and it works perfectly on my end.

Try verifying game files or reinstall.

ughhhh, re install…