Do You Have Any Pets?


Do you all have any pets that support you during your long, lonely battle against the Machines?

Here is my Chloe.

She is the bestest. I think she would attempt to CHOMP Ticks & Seekers and try to befriend Runners & Hunters and bark at / chase away Tanks & Harvesters!

Like our main character, she was abandoned and I rescued her!


I do have some dogs!

This is Happi.
She is about 5lbs.
very small even for her breed which are smaller dogs anyway.


@MarkNcheese42 Awwwww hiiiii!


Yeah i have a pic of when she was a puppy, with another puppy. A little blurry but i will get it. That is as big as she will ever get.


@MarkNcheese42 can’t wait to see it!


here it is!


@MarkNcheese42 lovely, am Grateful for you posting!


no problem. I have 3 more pets. I will try to get others here!. And i will try to get good pics of my other pets.


@MarkNcheese42 that would be awesome, thanks!


This absolute units name is Bear.
He is about 130 lbs
Black Lab and Irish wolfhound mix.


@MarkNcheese42 thicc gorgeous furry boy!


yep absolute chad. Mans is thicc. and lost of fur.


You have pets at many points on the size curve, that’s awesome.



it is! The little one is not even as big as the larger ones head. To be fair he has a giant skull.


Lololol awwwww…cuuuuute.



Tick & Tank!




lol yeah! Both are great


Fox Hound Beagle, working stock Tri Colour Tan Male.


No more pets fellow Resisters?


Nope i have a pet called Jacob, hes a rock