Do You Have Any Pets?



Picture please!


Ill post one later hes sleeping. I don’t want to be a stalker do i? :rofl:



Yes please do let Jacob rest!


My little fat kitty named chonk. He’s a very chunky boi


@UNSCdamo17 looooooove, thank you!


Dude, what cats do you have?
Mine don’t engage me…? :stuck_out_tongue:

A little help in the fight

I once saved 4 feral kittens that were less than a month old. I had to bottle feed them. When they are that small their claws are like little razor blades, and they keep coming after you to play once they get mobile. Like Hunters without guns. :crazy_face:


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This is my doggo :slight_smile:


I don’t have pets of my own, but my sister have a cat - Zeus :wink:


A very nice cat :+1:


that cat’s eyes are really cool.


You talk him walking at night?


No my dad walks her at night, why?


I had two dogs. They may be the last ones we have owned.

The first dog is a mixed race between Jämthund (Swedish Elk hound) (with Smålandsstövare (Småland dogging dog)) and Gråhund (Norwegian Elk hound).
He was 15 years old, this is the last picture of him before put to eternal sleep. A great hunting dog.

Name: Molle

The second dog is a Beagle. I don’t know if he was mixed aswell. Unfortunaely he was was hit by a car when he tried to follow a fox over the big road, during the hunt. The injuries were too severe.
It was in the same week as we had to put the first dog to eternal sleep.

Name: Bozz

Some more pictures on Molle.


Look at Bozz the legend


This is Coon.

This is Stinky

From left to right: Molly, Petey, Teddy, and Mr Kitty

(since her head is cut off from last pic) Molly and Petey


Well, if you asked Mia the Sphynx I’m sure she would claim that I’m her pet.


Baby, the family dog. Second generation. She’s a bit tired.


What breed of dog is that Xezr?