Does Apoc Harvester Blueprint exist?

I am debating if I should spend extra time looking for them at their typical spots since I don’t know if it actually exists or not.

lemme check. If you have all of them you could look if there is one you are missing.

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That is a great point. If it exists, there should be an extra block for it. If I don’t hear from you, I will check as soon as I have a chance. :slight_smile:

I can check. If you have the binocular skill which allows you to see robo components if you have the blueprint, then go to an APOC harvy and bino it.

there is no new block

Thx for checking! Interesting that they haven’t created one.

They added it! At least I assume it is it. As per my previous screenshot in this topic. i had all the blueprints. It seems they have added it. Time to find it.

EDIT: Somebody found it. It has been screenshotted and posted in this thread.

Nice. Thanks! Now to get this new update. :grin:

With question answered, i’ll lock this topic. :lock: