Driveable cars and bandits


They should add driveable cars,companions and more building’s and add bandits animals


It was hinted in the quests that an EMP attack knocked out military complexes it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to suggest it happened to non-diesal vehicles too.


I agree that there should be more vehicles say like mountain bikes to traverse mountains and offroad terrain better, but like @SunCrusher said, EMPs can render cars useless because of their batteries. Also, cars wouldn’t really work in Gen Z, as robots would easily detect and destroy your car easily, which I think was the reason Avalanche Games chose bikes rather then cars or even motorcycles to travel, they’ll just make too much noise. I wish that there could be boats or other watercraft to explore the islands you can’t access, but the EMPs can deactivate the batteries, which I think was the only reason Anita’s group used a pulley system with a boat to get survivors to their camp in Himjiffal (and of course, noise).

I also wish there were npc companions or bandits in the game, but I doubt anyone would want to go in the outside world with killer machines that destroyed the Swedish Army, which many survivors thought would save them, out in the world. Anita’s group only went outside if they needed supplies, but even then, there were few volunteers to take the journey to get said supplies.


This is a very short request with a bunch of different things packed in it. Do you feel it’d still be Generation Zero if everything there was added? Maybe your idea of a companion is different from mine, where you’d want a dog and I want a more permanent Tick pod.
Imagine how that would work in the game to let yourself understand what works and what doesn’t. Bandits and animals are a bit tough to understand in what relation they’d be useful to the game. To the atmosphere, I guess animals would work well, but what would bandits really do? Everyone’s terrified of the machines and it’s not humans killing humans, but rather machines killing humans. What’s the benefit of being a bandit if we all die to a machine in the end? More buildings or enterable buildings I see as something that can be added and would be good to add in regard to expanding the world a little more. It’s not AS effective now to add more enterable buildings, since it’s been done before. It won’t have the same effect or impact as the first implication, but can be a good way to steadily improve more upon that single aspect.

@Alexohyeah reply is the best example of suggestion implementation with regards to the current world and how it makes sense. A mountain bike is do-able, it’s more reasonable than cars. You can see cars all around you be quite in a bad shape, even if not blown up by a couple of shots. They’re terrible off-road and most roads would end up being blocked. Off-road options are the greatest, so that it doesn’t generate too much noise, isn’t too bulky and can traverse most land without ending up being an easy target.


To add on my comment, if the Generation Zero atmosphere went from “Machines are the dominant force in the area, so we have to use guerrilla warfare” to “We can fight back against the machines in conventional warfare, so they aren’t the dominant force” then I can see companions and bandits coming into play, because instead of your “faction” or whatever you want to call Anita’s group hiding in a wine cellar, they had a base that was similar to the Masskar Resistance base, and there are multiple “factions” besides your group and the machines, as there is the Iron Church, a hard to get to place in Himjifal, the machine cult, aka the people who worship the ticks, this group can be found via a side quest in Himjifal, and Bunker 666, which we don’t anything about them except they (might?) be using the bunker as an arena for robot vs human melee fight. This, instead of being the Gen Z we know, would’ve turned into say, Fallout or something, though, the map would be have to be bigger and the bases would probably be isolated.

However, as I said that Gen Z’s atmosphere is “Machines are the dominant force in the area, so we have to use guerrilla warfare”, which means that bandits don’t work, and since Anita’s group is limited to a wine cellar, there is not a whole lot of people willing to help you, or machines that are converted that can help you (although, there is the old mechanic working on the FINX runner in the back of the cellar) and if they were to expand, they would’ve been completely annihilated like the Masskar Resistance base because the atmosphere is that “machines reign supreme”