Eagle Eye Challenge PS4

Has any PS4 player managed to get the part 4 of the challenge? “Destroy an Apoc machine at 400 meters away”
If yes, where?
I tried with the guide Guide: "Eagle Eye" challenge
But still could not do it, and I think the machine draw in distance on the PS4 is 370/380 and not 400(or I might be in error thanks to the waypoint placement not being 100% accurate).

it is possible apparently but honestly I never remember trying for it. And I cannot find the trophy screenshot. I use the PVG 90 a fair amount though.

maybe from here , if you want to test send me an invite. I can use a lure on the top of the hill lol
Maybe someone knows the scale of the map so we can figure out what spots could work.

I tried that position yesterday but did not work, runners did not appear, i tried some hunters but it was not the right distance I think.
Btw, it´s not part of the trophies (glad it´s not)

Oh what about the plains area of the north coast,? I have had rival apoc hunter from there and I remember playing snipe tag with it. That might work. OH the best would be an Apoc tank because from a long distance they tend to just stand there. Do some damage and then run away far enough. Achievements seems to be not consistent in the game. Going to walk away from MUSIC SOOTHES THE SOUL because it is so buggy and pissing me off. It will happen if it happens in my normal course of play.

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I will try that spot :wink: .
Yes the new challenges are very annoying and boring.
The numbing expert is not impossible but very boring.
Eagle eye part 4 is almost impossible
Music soothes the soul is very annoying because it is very buggy, does not work every time.
And the Anarchy part 4, is super annoying trying to hit 100 ticks when they are charging, in 30 or 40 encounters I only managed to hit 3 Ticks while in mid air.
The trophies are easy and some just time consuming, but these challenges are a headache :sweat_smile:

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Oh god the anarchy, I have not got 1. Well I don’t use melee very much so, but I did try and the lag is so bad on the bat swing reaction I would have to press the button to swing before the tick jumped. What’s your PS4, ? Mine is the same as here send me invite if you want to do multi some time or just try your apoc kill from 400 plus . I have a few apoc rivals

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10:20 mate

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You put the 2 worst challenges together :+1: .
At least with the tick challenge i can study the timing, the other is a bit more difficult.
Thank you for that and for the music, i was looking for that song, The Smiths-Panic and did not remember the name :wink:

I felt it appropriate as nobody turned up to the festival :rofl:


I think they did show up…but were kidnapped by the machines :wink:

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