Guide: "Eagle Eye" challenge


With June '20 update, a new set of 5 challenges were added to the base game. Created this topic to help out anyone who might struggle with Eagle Eye challenge.

In Eagle Eye challenge, there are 4 tiers where you need to kill specific class of machine at specific distance with following requirements:

  1. Kill any prototype machine (except tick) at 100m or greater distance
  2. Kill any military machine (except tick) at 200m or greater distance
  3. Kill any FNIX machine (except tick) at 300m or greater distance
  4. Kill any apocalypse machine (except tick) at 400m or greater distance

Overall tips

This challenge is sniper’s challenge and is best done with .50 cal (PVG90). For lower tiers, other weapons can be used as well but for Tier 4, .50 cal and 8-16x scope helps a lot.

Tips for each tier

Tier 1 is easiest with greatest range of machines to shoot at. The machine doesn’t have to be prototype, it can be any class. Only ticks doesn’t count. Any weapon that can hit and kill machine at 100m or more will do.

Tier 2 is a bit harder since now, prototype machines doesn’t count and machine has to be 200m or more away from you when you kill it. Best target would be military runner’s fuel tank and weapons that do well in 200+m range are any that can take 4-8x scope (.243, .270, AG4) or .50 cal (either with 6-12x or 8-16x scope).

Tier 3 is getting much harder because now, you’re limited only with FNIX or apocalypse class machines and machine needs to be 300m or further away from you when you kill it. Here, good target is FNIX runner’s fuel tank and for weapon choice, any weapon that can take 6-12x scope (.270 and .50 cal) or .50 cal with 8-16x scope.

I did Tier 3 by firing at apocalypse hunter when it was just about to get outside of the machine draw-in distance (400m). And while it started to run towards me, i was able to kill it before it got closer than 300m.

Tier 4 is the toughest due to the extreme range machine must be when you kill it. There aren’t many places on the map where you can see machines at 400m and there are even fewer places where apocalypse machines spawn. Here, .50 cal with 8-16x scope is recommended and Marksman specialization also helps a lot (if you have it).
This challenge is especially hard since machine draw-in distance is 400m. Also, when you start shooting at apocalypse class machine and doesn’t kill it with 1st shot (e.g runner’s fuel tank), it starts running towards you, thus getting closer than the 400m or more requirement.

Below is my gameplay of taking out apocalypse runner, at 400m mark, to get Tier 4 completed:

Requirements for my tactic:

  • Alpine Unrest DLC
  • “Make Some Noise” mission completed

Prerequisite tasks

  • Fast travel to Tarnboda Skans safehouse to trigger the explosion (this draws in nearby machines and keeps them wandering off)
  • Get to the spot where you can see one of those apocalypse machines at machine draw-in distance (best to do it during daytime and with clear weather)

As seen from my video, i tried few times to kill the runner just as it was outside of the machine draw-in distance (400m) to get the tier completed. Since it didn’t work, i moved as far as i could, while still seeing the runner and then with few shots, took it out before it had time to react to me and run closer.

And this concludes Eagle Eye challenge guide.



:+1: :sunglasses: I needed tier 4. It worked. Good spot


Very good bolt actions i like very much. I love to sneak around on the map and make some sniper action. My farthest Killshot was about 160 m from Himsundsbryggan to a runner that was standing on Lennarts Marin. I did this with my 5 star AK 4. But please Aesyle one question, what do you mean with Marksman specialisation becaus i have the same weapon as you EXP PVG90 with 8x16 scope and vision moduls xray and infrared?

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Marksman specialization is an active skill that disables any aim sway when in ADS. (Combat group, left tree, 6th skill.) Without the specialization, you either have to lead your shots or counter the natural sway of crosshair. And the further the target is, the harder it is to accurately land hits on tiny targets like runner fuel tanks.


Thank you asyle for this explanation, yet i know. When you had a target in far distance and you have not this spezialisation then the weapon swung al little like in real live. My farthest shot in real live with a G3 (Automatgevär 4) was about 200 m and i hit my target with a steel scope. :grinning:

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I haven’t fired any gun in real life but in GZ, my furthest kill shots, that i kept track of, are:

  1. 278m - .243 s-rifle + 4-8x scope (dropped a runner)
  2. 399m - .243 s-rifle + 6-12x scope (popped a seeker)
  3. 3.05km - .50 cal + 8-16x scope (it was according to the in-game stats. I have no idea who i shot since i didn’t keep track after i got my 399m kill shot done.)
  4. 3.40km - .50 cal + 8-16x scope (current longest distance kill shot according to the in-game stats.)

Wow, aesyle you really a sniper a killshot from 3.5 km is very far. :+1::+1::grinning:

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I prefer playing as a sniper in GZ, which also explains the huge range kill shot(s) i have. And the Eagle Eye challenge was also the first one i completed out of the 5 new challenges in base game.


I like playing sniper too in this beutifull game. I often wearing the apple earpods pro with sound surpressing. The only thing i miss is that i feel the windchill when the wind blows and the smell of the salty air at the sea. I must not have a huge pack of robots. I often went back to Ibboholmen and go on my hunt especially in the night. :slightly_smiling_face:


Diesels pulled off a 4.6km kill, so if he shares where that spot was - I’ll post it here

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Hehe this is funny, in my stats I got 716m - I have no clue where, when or what I shot :smiley:

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Nice guide to T4 achievement ! :+1: It’s odd, even though the marker might say 390 meters, the shot registered for me at 411 meters. :thinking:


Waypoint placement isn’t that accurate, even when completely zooming in on map view. Hence the oddity in meters.

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Pretty one @Aesyle

for my part I validated my success in this descent near the hotel opposite far away near the car there are 2/3 runners apocalypse 1 shot = 1 dead as we say

The video was not recorded I am disgusted … so I post you a picture of the place


Hehe I deliberately havent clicked this until now.
First I tried to get a Hunter standing at Lennarts Marin but he moved and never came back after I was in position.

I ended up also doing it in Tärnboda but from the other side.


I did try Tärnboda from the left side, starting from the top of the hill but trees got into the way. I gradually moved towards the coast (your position) but trees were constantly on the way. Though, i didn’t go all the way to the coast line (where you’re at) and abandoned the left side, opting to try it from the right side.


Is there currently a way to make the binoculars (with the tech mode on) register distance? I thought I remembered that they have the option but it never shows a number… also, @Aesyle do you have a picture of the outfit you earn from this challenge tree? I haven’t seen it yet.


I think it does have a distance thing but its broken for me, I never use it because it just doesn’t come up, You keep staring for ages and it doesn’t tell you it might be a bug or it take a long time for it to figure out distance :disappointed:


Yes. For that, you need a skill Spotting Intel level 2.

Yes. What i’ve unlocked so far is visible here: New Challenges and hazmat suit


I got 408m with the 6x-12 PVG X, exact spot Aesyle flagged.