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Have seen three so far, 1st in Anl 118 (Marshlands), 2nd in Granhygget (Forest) and 3rd became score spawn rival in Himfjäll.

Haven’t fought with them as of yet. But they all have 4x apo hunters as guards. So, they pose a considerable threat.


@Aesyle & @Xezr…any gameplay at all?


Not from my part. Busy with missions and challenges. But once i get to the challenge where i need to take out 15 apo harvs then i’ll engage them.


How’s end stage of the new challenge menu?..anything to prepare for in advance?


I engaged one in Himfjäll that had an escort of 6 Apoc Hunters. Once it noticed me, it spawned in FOUR additional ones, and the party was really on at that point.

The Apoc Harvester releases a purple, damaging and highly flammable gas if you get too close. At range, it delivers a barrage of rockets just as normal Harvie’s, except these are Dirty Bombs, layering the area with radiation.

Once the fight was done I’d killed around 20 Apoc Hunters on top of the Harvester.


If you plan to do all challenges, then base game challenges (5 in total) and in one of them, you need you to EMP machines (might want to start collecting EMPs, especially small, medium and large battery packs from machines).
Another base game challenge needs you to lure machines with radio/boombox to land mine/gas tank/fuel cell and blow them up. So, might want to collect those as well (i’ve collected 16 land mines so far).

Other three base game challenges guides are here (spoiler alert);

  1. Guide: "Combat Perfectionist" challenge
  2. Guide: "Wild West" challenge
  3. Guide: "Eagle Eye" challenge


Oh man they upped it to a 4 drop! Well that’s a heads up for sure - and from the sounds of it they have set them up so it’s always a party. Now without going off topic - have you noticed any difference in resistance to purple gas with / without gas mask?


I’ll have to check next time I engage one… But my stance on the gas masks has always been that they don’t work as they should :thinking:


Hey! Check you out with the guide already good work.

This will help for sure, thank you for the clarity.


Indeed :skull_and_crossbones:


It could have something to do with per console basis optimizations for FPS and such.


Short answer: It takes time to optimize game to run fine on console hardware.

Long answer

While consoles are like PCs, they can’t be upgraded and as time moves onwards, their stagnant processing power diminishes compared to the PCs, which get new hardware on regular basis.

In PS4 and Xbox One, there is AMD APU, from 2013, doing all the work.
Inside the APU (one single chip), there is CPU, GPU, memory controller and video decoder/encoder. With that much of crucial components packed into one single chip, there isn’t much room for good performance.
For example, CPU and CPU cache inside the APU takes only about 15% of total space, while GPU takes up about 33% of space.

While the CPU part of the APU does have 8 cores, it isn’t one 8 core CPU in there. Instead, there are two 4 core CPUs in there working together.
While more cores give better multi-core performance, it’s the single-core performance that matters the most for games. And there isn’t much of that single-core performance with the low, 1.6 Ghz core clock.

Also, APU isn’t that great when it comes to the gaming, especially since it’s GPU has to take it’s VRAM from RAM and both consoles have only 8 GB RAM in it. Meaning that when GPU takes 2GB for the VRAM, the rest of the system has only 6 GB of RAM left. If GPU takes 4 GB for VRAM, the rest has 4 GB of RAM to work with and so forth.

The closest PC equivalent you’d get to the console performance output, would be AMD FX-8350 or Intel i7-950 CPU with 6 GB of DDR3 RAM and Radeon HD 7870 GPU.
And even then, PC would be better since PC CPU core clock is much higher than console CPU core clock.

So, it takes A LOT of optimization work to get the game working on such low performing hardware. That’s why.


5372:4220 that was not there before; …what is it
( idk if this should go on here )


( the newest post 29 June 2020 ) Why would they show us this and say this ‘There’s a giant machine attacking from the ocean!?’ plus add docks with underwater generators in FNIX rising there is no point or prepose at lest… not yet.

(also they got mixed up with this canon and there is not a underwater robot… yet)

(why move :disappointed_relieved:)
( i was quoting the GZ thumbnail)
(AliasDJA ok but i was looking at 5372:4220, it was not there before.)


Same discussion topics merged.

One topic discussing FNIX Rising content is enough.


If you would have follow through the GZ Facebook post then you’d know that it showcases IGP video of first playing FNIX Rising DLC with IcyCaress. And their video title has that name on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krtEYqbiUK0

Also, it’s the IcyCaress who says that the attacks are coming from ocean (at 14:05 in the video) since from their perspective, artillery shots came from the ocean (while in reality, those came from land based artillery in South Coast).


I’ve been trying to find an answer to this subject matter for a very, very long time.

Again Aesyle, thank you for the clarity.



100% click bait.

Their understanding of the game is almost as comical as their gameplay.


well thats IGP and icycaress for you, I facepalmed every 5 seconds of the vid. It was hilarious but they are onto to something. Wired Gaming mentioned in his collaboration video with tenebris infinte earlier today how the machine “power lines” went into the ocean maybe we will see an underwater base?


I’m yet to visit Maaskar myself to see how the game has changed post DLC. So - I’m going to put that whole concept behind the Reaper and leave it there.


It´s true, IGP is always inducing people in error with some sort of image or with a exaggerated description.

On the other hand, it´s good they now have some youtubers promoting the game, they sure need it.