Easter Eggs - What would you do?


If you were to put an Easter Egg into Generation Zero, what would it be and why?

This is just for a bit of fun so anything goes! :slight_smile:

I myself would put a Flux capacitor somewhere as when I think of advanced robotics in the 80’s I think of Back to the Future. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell yeah, Back to the Future is my favorite movie franchise!


It truely is a timeless classic!


I do a t1000 destroyed . Holding a picture of a house. When you find this house they is a bunker inside witj info about a factory making more t1000 when and if you find this hidden factory it’s been destroyed by these new bots but inside they is jack Conor jacket ( Terminator


Oh, I like that! That is really cool! :+1:


There would have to be at least one easter egg from the Just Cause series in the game.


If I were to do any easter egg I’d probably put a Rubik cube in an odd place and you’d be able to pick it up. This is not completely random per a say. The Rubik cube first test batches were in 1977 but was renamed to Rubik cube in 1980. It’s also when it got international success. Would be a rather cool easter egg to show your friends.


the devs mentioned somebody in their offices creating a retro side scroller version of generation zero (in the pre-beta stream), it would be really cool if we saw a screencap or video of the side scroller running on a home computer system in one of the houses you loot.

maybe also a deer head in one of the houses, mounted on a wall or something, as a throwback to their previous game “the hunter: call of the wild” where you hunt game


Great ideas, keep em coming! :wink:


I’ve been thinking about this one a bit some other ideas I had which are all related to the general time-frame or would fit in.

  1. Tiny little volcano (maybe placed on a table or something) and you’re able to interact with it and make it explode. This is about the volcano that erupted in 1980 Mount St. Helens.

  2. You’re able to use a rocket propelled grenade on a certain wall in a bunker to blast it down, what’s in there? Well that’s up to you guys.

  3. A egg? Get a little jump-scare going?


i really like the secret wall bunker one, it calls back to the golden days of secret door hunting in DOOM where you would just press interact on every wall and hope for a door to slide out, plus it seems plausible enough to be realistic (as realistic as putting supplies in a room and hiding it behind a fake wall sounds)


Hearing “egg” reminds me of the eggs the Facehuggers from Alien are inside.


the radio “lures” occasionally Rick Roll


These are all so awesome! I’m loving all these ideas!


@PBzCharlie I like that idea. To go along with my Just Cause idea, the radio could play one of the themes or even the music to the Mile High Club in Just Cause 2.


Pewdiepie. That’s it. That’s the easter egg


Aha amazing, 8/10 not enough Pewdiepie


Would be awesome to find references to famous robots such as Claptrap, Iron Giant, C3PO, Bender, Robocop, etc.


That would be pretty cool!


It’s not an 80s-themed robot game without Johnny 5 ;D