Easter Eggs - What would you do?


Don’t forget the robot from Lost In Space.


Number five… IS ALIVE!


Some good idea here . How about something more funni like the layout of the Simpsons house


Ooo yeah that would be so cool!


You. Got your key yet not got email with mine yet I know he said they be sent in waves I stayed up all night so I can play @Crytical


I have the email but no key, I’m not a streamer so I didn’t get one yesterday, but hopefully will receive mine soon :slight_smile: @B11Afirefly


10 mins from now I joined the discord server so I cAn keep track @Crytical


Aha awesome, I’m so excited! 5 minutes now! :smiley:


60 seconds CD …till lanch


Oop no code yet for me!


I got mine pal they in waves so may be delayed


Mine is not a code tho tells me to download inside Xbox hub and then go click on generation zero my account as been pre registered


Claptrap goes on the rampage.

Maybe a Back to the Future DVD in Swedish.

Laser tag gun from the 80’s.


I would probably put in a reference to the Swedish movie “repmånad”, it’s a military comedy released 1979 so it’s not that old when the game is set.

If i had to chose a reference from the movie then i would probably want a military truck with the word “helikopter” spraypainted on the side. Maybe it could be parked outside the city hotel? :wink:


Newspaper or newspaper clipping in a frame with headline “Raffle Ends In Bloodshed”.


Aha I love all these ideas!


There has be a Terminator Easter Egg somewhere in the game. But dunno where :confused:


Even if its not exactly in the 80’s but stranger things pushed heavily on this type of themes, so some kind of reference.

And also some E.T reference.


im really looking forward to a deeper story withing easter eggs!


Is this an already implemented Easter-egg referring to Dark Souls?

(Around 2248,3183)