Easter Eggs - What would you do?


If I was gonna put easter eggs in this game, I’d put references to both Red Dawn and Terminator in the game, as those are the two things this game reminds me most of, perhaps a dead survivor by the name of Kyle Reese, a runner thats been crushed by a hydraulic press, or one that’s fallen into a pool of molten metal with just its leg sticking up out of the pool. A school bus near a sports park with a banner hanging from the side reading “Wolverines”. Maybe a dead soldier sprawled on a tank with a note on him exclaiming that he hopes “those army pukes will shoot straight this time” XD


a player triggers a event that wakes a AI and all robots change into NS-5 robots from the movie i.robot with will smith and they are escorted to houses and must escape without weapons and kill all the new robots after being completely disarmed. and kill the AI ( viki )


Some more complex and bigger EEs like in CoD Zombies would be awesome, those were the community has to work together for days/weeks/months to find them, but they shouldn’t be the focus of the game obviously, but would encourage some players to become world first post main story.

As mentioned 80s pop culture references are preferred since it fits the game setting.


When i think back then i have comics in my head, like:

He Man, Saber Raider, Captain - N, Gummibears, Noozles, Glücksbärchies, inspector gadget, Flintstones, Silver Hawks, Bravestar, racoons and all the others for that we stand up for on 6 in the morning^^ Or Löwenzahn and die sendung mit der Maus.

Some had the old Roller skates, a NES, seed boxes, this water filled boxen with the rings in it, a lava lamb, panini sticker albums, or this red and black racing cockpit with the weel. I had allways flicked patterns on my clothes,

Everyone had his “weapon” the favorit stick he found somewhere and “the Ball” an old worn out Football that really had seen better days ^^

And dont forget Bud Spencer and terrence Hill, The Neverending Story, E.T, Magnum, the A-Team and Mc Guyver


They can’t be too overt. They have to fit within the world while avoiding copyright infringement, so we won’t be seeing the T1000 any time soon.

That being said, there’s lots of room for subtle things like the words ‘NO FATE’ carved into a picnic table, a plan in a bunker about how nuking the site from orbit is the only way to be sure, a kennel for a dog named Indiana, an origami unicorn, and so on.


Any reference to Simon Stalenhag’s art is fine by me. Giant robots in lush countryside environments ? That just screams Stalenhag to me :stuck_out_tongue:

How about Ripple Dot Zero arcade cabinets ? They can be broken, as long as they have the pinguin mascot on the side.


I like these ideas! It’s so cool what can be thought of when we combine all of our brains together!


I have one; put a Volvo LTGB 938 somewhere and on canvas it says ”HELiKOPTER”, maybe near a bridge or on a golf course. As an tribute to the film Repmånad (1978)


Another is a more modern Easter Egg. A poster to the film ”Den blomstertid nu kommer” (2018) which is fitting with the game itself. ”… Sweden faces a mysterious attack…”


I must admit, I like the idea of the game having a lot of obscure (because I’m not Swedish) references to Swedish culture. It’ll add a lot of subtle flavour to the game, and reward those that take the time to look intro these things.

@C_N66 Since the game is set in the late 80’s, you can’t have a poster for a 2018 movie (also you’d risk copyright infringement). That being said, you could have less overt references to it, like a voicemail message that quotes lines from the movie, since that would fit within the world at the time.


@Solensia Yeah, well what I mean is that the film came out BEFORE Generation Zero. And which is welcome because we most have detective films and series that it becomes tiring. But I know what you mean. (Sorry if my explainnation is bad, my main language is Swedish)


That would be soo cool and awesome.


Iwould make a Johnny 5 robot that would tell you a part of the story or some hidden story line and would give you a special weapon or a device that would hide you from the machines sight


Yeah I’d love some references to some Swedish movies and movies to stick with the theme!


how about like a horses head in a bed like in the godfather


Some names who were 80’s icons like :

Hulk Hogan, Pac Man, Michael Jackson, The Breakfast Club members but all written in Swedish
that appear to be like some persons who live in the area.
Something like this Högån H., M. Jåcksön … P.å.c. Månn


You should have an Isaac Asimov gun, where if you shoot a robot with it, it would work according to the 3 rules of robotics and fight for you.

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.


The soundtrack of generation zero remembers me much of the soundtrack of the terminator franchise, maybe an easteregg as well? :thinking:


A jam factory, I want the damm jam factory


staff at GenZero could get scanned in , and players could use them as characters in game ( fixed clothing skin etc , maybe even fixed name ) , that would be a cool unlockable / easter egg / DLC