ELSA never speaks or has subtitles?

Even in my 2nd play through, ELSA the downed pilot, I am told to “speak to” for a mission…MOUTH MOVES, ZERO SOUND, NO SUBTITLES.

Which language do you play on (system settings) and which settings did you Chose ingame?

Did you try changing them?

English, like I always have, like everything else is translated and subtitled, even Elsa talking LATER is translated & subtitled.

So no, I see no reason or need to change the language, but it has been a repeatable BUG for me on the STEAM version.

Well, ok, just asked, because some others who where using spanish or french or idk what else had issues which where resolved by changing the system language to english.

I also notice “Ghost of the past” the start of the mission to defend the hotel, Anita has the same issue of no voice and no subtitles.

Like they just forgot to link the English translation.

As the game auto saves, and you can’t LOAD a save point, replicating things is not easy as it takes a new world & trying to rush up to the same points again.

It’s a pity that you can’t hear her speak. But her texts have been transcribed, so you can at least know what she said. Click NPC Monologues & Dialogues. The dialogues are sorted per mission.

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