Enable skill respec


I assume most of you have done like me, and wasted precious skill points you now wish you could take back…

It would be nice to somehow be able to respec your skills. It takes too many hours to level a character, to just start from scratch because you wasted skill points. Maybe it should be free, maybe it should cost something? Maybe you could unlock respec when you reach the lvl. cap?

I’m not sure how to make it fair, but it would be nice to be able to rescue a few wayward skillpoints. :slightly_smiling_face:


Since the developers seem to be ok with cooldowns (see the 4 hour cooldown for loot), I think a cooldown of say, 12 in game hours would be ok for a respec - it’s a long enough duration that you can’t just respec constantly.

While I understand the developers want us to be invested in our characters, they are also literally changing skills and gameplay mechanics that invalidate some of the skills (like explosion damage). Players need a better system to react to those changes than simply “make a whole new character up to max level whenever we change something you don’t like”.


@Bawson82 I agree. A cooldown time might be a good idea. I’d say that when you are lvl. 20 or more you are well invested in a character in terms of time spent. At least when talking about a max lvl. character. After investing so many hours, a respec would be a well deserved payoff. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unlock respec on lvl. cap + cooldown time for next respec, could be my suggestion. :+1:


They could give us a skill respec after each update


I think it really should just be regularly available independent of updates. The game itself does not currently communicate the level cap until you hit it, and doesn’t communicate that skill choices are permanent, so it’s not unusual for new players to regret decisions they made with respect to skills (I guess this is the one saving grace of the whole shared world thing without a true new game, you can fast travel to Yttervik, drop all your gear and start a new character as a way of respeccing).


This would be totaly Awsome


I’m scrolling through the forums feedback/suggestion area to support what I believe could be a great feature for what could be the perfect game. I also want to see what’s already been posted, so when I make a post it isn’t just more of the same. I support this idea!


I’d like that too. But I think the issue is the trophy of having 2 toon builds at once having a special perk.

I think respec skills can still work for us trophy getters cause as long as we can build a second toon we would still do it with respec allowances. We would logically build both than later respec the main toon


No, I dont want skill respec.

It would ruin this games main feature, that your character is what you do, your choices etc.
You can start a new char if you want other skills.

NO respec, PLEASE


If skills and mechanics gets updated so much, that you would chosen otherwise if you known about these.
Then yes, Large updates, that upgrades/adds character developments, should give a respect.

HOWEVER, I am worried that if there is a respec then, most players would not understand why you get a respect “only once”. But if the devs are strong enough to NEVER let players respec, other then in BIG UPDATES or DLC that has a BIG IMPACT on char development.

Then I even think its important that they give a respect ON BIG UPDATES. (not just any update).


[ : Yea you might end up with a WOW-situation and: that could just throw everything off!]


It would ruin this games main feature, that your character is what you do, your choices etc.
You can start a new char if you want other skills.

No, it really wouldn’t ruin it. There’s exactly no reason that you need to use it if you don’t want to.

The issue here which I think you might not completely understand given your posts, is that there is zero indication of a level cap until you hit it, and a lot of the skills sound either very good or near useless but aren’t.

I encourage you to look at the aim speed skill as an example of this. The exact wording of the description is ambiguous, the actual effect is largely useless you really want to go around quickscoping everything (which is largely pointless BTW), and the possible alternate meaning for the description is something that would actually be useful. All in all, it’s a trap for new players, and if such things exist, then you should be able to respec without having to relevel. The issue here is figuring out how to limit it so it can’t be abused, but that can probably be easily done by putting a 12 hour (real time, not game time) cooldown on the ability to respec and forcing you to go to Yttervik (or a command bunker, or some other predetermined location or set of locations).


I have lost at least 3 skill points to skills which sounded good in the description, but were actually useless!

BTW, what is the lvl. cap? Is it 31?


31 is the level cap, yep.


How about just make the useless skills actually useful? Give them buffs or alter them/ad to them. Not saying I am against respec,I am actually for it but just fixing the skills is an option.
Perhaps another idea would be to do something like COD does and just have the option to prestige. Maybe even have it reward you with extra skill points after doing so.


That really doesn’t solve the main problem, you’re permanently locked in with whatever skills you pick. Even if everything is useful, it’s still very easy to end up with an overall useless build because you just don’t have stuff that happens to work together.


I think their intent was to have us use a different character to try different skills with instead of letting us respec. If they give us both the ability to respec and storage, there would be almost no point in having multiple characters sharing the same world.


I kind of get their idea with that, but OTOH, it’s a pain in the arse using a separate character like a respec, especially if you’ve already completed all the missions.