Skills Respec please

I know that the purpose of this game is to be attached to his own character, but to be stuck with a character messed up is very annoying.

If there is respec, it doesn’t have to be o.p. May be, we could trads a skill point for the loss of a level that you have to earn again. Nothing more. But it has Something to be done with.


How would that even be OP?
I have serious doubts about the concept of OP in games that aren’t vs to begin with, but a respec? I don’t see why it would bother other people, and for those who feel a respec would ruin their experience, they don’t have to get one.


how about letting us refund them one point at a time at the cost of one adrenaline shot for each point?
they could even limit us on how many points we can refund in a certain time period.

But why? Who exactly is harmed if I respec 20 times a day, for free? As long as no one has to stand and wait while I’m doing it? :smile:


I had the same idea!

YES! Please allow a respec option, I dont care if it is a craftable item or costs somehow, but allow it!

Good idea.


In all the time this game has been around, am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that we haven’t yet received an update that would allow us to respect our perk points or is it just me?


Well, it would be a welcome quality of life feature I’m sure. But perhaps not so weird considering how long pretty simple things and genuine bugs are taking; I guess this kind of stuff takes a backseat for now?

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Yeah, your probably right.

Well, as with the limited inventory and Plundra space, this is a game of choices. A little bit of realism, you can learn stuff according to the time you spent. I would like to keep it that way.

Though I am hoping for story DLCs that raise your level cap so that you can keep on learning new skills.

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The difference being, if you get a shit gun, you throw it out, or throw it in the plundra, and move on. If you buy a skill that ends up doing nothing, nobody’s going to give you the skill point back, it’s lost forever. Sure, “just start another character”, but that’s not really the sound of respect for players’ time. :wink:


I agree. I’d love being able to revert the last skill point I spend. Or the last 5 or something.


I assume most of you have done like me, and wasted precious skill points you now wish you could take back…

It would be nice to somehow be able to respec your skills. It takes too many hours to level a character, to just start from scratch because you wasted skill points. Maybe it should be free, maybe it should cost something? Maybe you could unlock respec when you reach the lvl. cap?

I’m not sure how to make it fair, but it would be nice to be able to rescue a few wayward skillpoints. :slightly_smiling_face:


Since the developers seem to be ok with cooldowns (see the 4 hour cooldown for loot), I think a cooldown of say, 12 in game hours would be ok for a respec - it’s a long enough duration that you can’t just respec constantly.

While I understand the developers want us to be invested in our characters, they are also literally changing skills and gameplay mechanics that invalidate some of the skills (like explosion damage). Players need a better system to react to those changes than simply “make a whole new character up to max level whenever we change something you don’t like”.


@Bawson82 I agree. A cooldown time might be a good idea. I’d say that when you are lvl. 20 or more you are well invested in a character in terms of time spent. At least when talking about a max lvl. character. After investing so many hours, a respec would be a well deserved payoff. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unlock respec on lvl. cap + cooldown time for next respec, could be my suggestion. :+1:


They could give us a skill respec after each update


I think it really should just be regularly available independent of updates. The game itself does not currently communicate the level cap until you hit it, and doesn’t communicate that skill choices are permanent, so it’s not unusual for new players to regret decisions they made with respect to skills (I guess this is the one saving grace of the whole shared world thing without a true new game, you can fast travel to Yttervik, drop all your gear and start a new character as a way of respeccing).


This would be totaly Awsome

I’m scrolling through the forums feedback/suggestion area to support what I believe could be a great feature for what could be the perfect game. I also want to see what’s already been posted, so when I make a post it isn’t just more of the same. I support this idea!

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I’d like that too. But I think the issue is the trophy of having 2 toon builds at once having a special perk.

I think respec skills can still work for us trophy getters cause as long as we can build a second toon we would still do it with respec allowances. We would logically build both than later respec the main toon