End-User Level Design Reporting

It would be nice to have something in-game that let us submit a small bug report to the devs with the location and facing angle of our current position (and possibly a screenshot). I’ve come across several locations where models are clipping through objects or placed inside each other, where loot is hidden in solid geometry, or where loot is just plain unreachable. It would be great to be able to like … hit ESC and select from a list what kind of bug I’m seeing and add a short note to further clarify.

Without something like this, I think it would be impossible for you to even hope to start fixing these issues.



It’s a good idea. Not sure when (or how) it could be implemented though.
The closest we’ve got right now is our Collection Threads, that I’ve linked at the bottom in my Bug List Thread. The threads have done much good already, and the devs check in on them frequently.

Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero games use almost the same bug reporting system as described above. Though, game engine is different between GZ and Subnautica and i don’t know if it can be implemented in GZ as well.

If anything, devs reading this would have source where to look and perhaps, even make one for GZ as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, I’m fairly certain I got this idea from the bug reporting that Fortnite: Save The World had baked-in. It gives devs an easy way to run-down action items if done correctly.

I would be more than happy if the devs opened their development scheme a bit. An example - a publicly accessible dashboard with list of ack’ed bugs, their priority and target release/ETA. Limited user voting, e.g. how many users are affected, would be useful as well.

So we know they are working hard on the particular bugs thus people would stop bashing them in this forum.