Enemies camping next to you

I noticed after the recent updates that the enemy will stay in my area now. Like if I’m in a safe house not moving at all 2 tanks which are roaming together will stand next to the church and make it pretty much impossible to leave. I also play alone but there has to be a fix to this. It’s like the old call of duty game where the enemy automatically knows where you are at and just head that way and will stay until they kill you.


They’ve definitely upped the challenge on facing enemies on the main island. FNIX Tanks tend to roam in pairs in the northern areas. I think it has to do with the new experimental weapons being available, though I can agree that it’s a bit unfair to find that much opposition on the doorstep to a safehouse. You could always relog, see if they despawn. Or try to outrun them.

It’s good feedback nonetheless :slight_smile:

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Starting from launch, tank patrols in the Northern regions were always 2x tanks. Be it 2x military or 2x FINX. After some time, cries of GZ being way too hard started to appear and behold, game nerfs came. Including, but not limited to: first aid kits from almost every robot, 80% ammo back when fighting harvs/tanks, reduced patrol sizes etc. After that, all tank patrols were 1x tank per patrol.

Now, with latest patch, the difficulty has been increased somewhat (but not near the level where it was at launch) and you can see 2x tank patrols again.

Also, devs corrected robot spawn areas and places where there wasn’t any spawn points, now have. E.g Normyrra base and it’s surroundings in Marshlands.

As far as OP issue goes, a tip: you can outrun any tank.
2nd tip: higher type enemies can see you through walls. And as long as they see you sitting there, they are nowhere in hurry to leave you in peace.


Another issue I’m having is the enemy being able to walk through some walls to get inside the building.

I have no recollection of Tanks doing that from launch. And the game wasn’t nerfed, it was an attempt to balance out combat to keep it more rewarding to take down enemies. Which came much later. Reduced patrol sizes? I regularly ran into packs of 15-20 Hunters in the Mountain Region, and sometimes fought three Tanks at once in the same area, and the regions above. Though they were most likely separate patrols drawn to the combat.

I was happy they dropped medpacks at that point.

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Yes, i’ve also fought with 12+ hunters in Mountains region, by 1st dropping heavy comm array lure and then waited a bit. Same goes for Forest region, heavy comm array lure = big battle.

At launch, it was common to meet 6x or even 8x FINX runner patrol within Mountains/Marshlands/North Coast. At some point (June or August update) patrol sizes were reduced and max what i ever saw was 4x FINX runners in a patrol in those three regions. Latest update did tweak robot spawns and now, i’ve started to see 6x FINX runner patrols again.

As far as game nerfs go, @Xogroroth explained the nerfs very well in this topic, 1st reply:

I’m also one of those players who plays GZ for the immersion it offers and i love the story. For me, combat is nice addition but not the primary feature of the game. It’s the secondary and thus, combat doesn’t have to be rewarding. Machines are there to interfere with your exploration, not the sole reason why to play the game.

Back in the good old days, i had to explore and search for my gear, including ammo and first aid kits. Now, machines are walking loot boxes, almost completely eliminating any reason to search for the ammo and first aid kits.

Take down a runner and simple first aid kit is guaranteed in 90% of the time. Same with hunters - take it down and standard first aid kit is guaranteed in 90% of the time. Tanks and harvs give advanced first aid kits but that in a much greater frequency compared to the launch time, making the otherwise rare and valuable item common.

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Not in my game at least.

I love the immersion this game offers as well. The graphics engine and the sound design makes it so. Sure, down in it’s core Generation Zero is literally a co-op game about shooting robots. But exploring the world and taking part in it is part of the experience. I dare say, equally as much.

So it’s tough to find balance between the two, to please the most people. As it is now, I’m happy with how the game’s turned out, though I always believe some elements of it can be fine-tuned further.

Sir, sir Aesyle is correct: they were always in pairs.

As for nerfing: this is taste/interpretation.
You call it balancing out, I for one see it as pure nerfing.
Now, whether it is balancing out or nerfing: it IS the same: machines no longer perform as they did back then.
Yes, many applaud for the change.
And some were not so happy with that same change.
To me, I felt… betrayed, I felt disrespected in a way.
Was that their intention?
Sadly emotions often overrule common sense.
Which is what happened to me…

I only have one question in this specific matter: why, oh why… not optional…
But it’s done.
Sic vita est.

[quote=“Aesyle, post:6, topic:21063”]
Yes, i’ve also fought with 12+
[/quote]And man, they bit…
Ah those days. :slight_smile:

[quote=“pegnose, post:7, topic:21063”]

Take down a runner and simple first aid kit is guaranteed in 90% of the time. Same with hunters - take it down and standard first aid kit is guaranteed in 90% of the time.

Not in my game at least.
[/quote]RNG can be quite a bitch…
I began a new save, LMG with ammo.
I was offer ALL ammo BUT the needed 7.62mm…
Now here the fun: I’ll drop the LMG and take let’s say the Moller.
I will get ALL possible ammo, but the .32. XD

Then again, a whole day looking for an Apo machine, by the time I wanted to go to sleep, I find not one, but two of them.
After a fun battle, the first gave me the 89 I think? LMG, the other… the 59… GOLD…
What are the odds to that?
Welcome to my RNG world.
So funny… XD
Same for spawns and whatnot.
The weirdest things happen to me.
It’s cool though, really…
The constant weirdness keeps me amused. :slight_smile:

And respect that, more, I am REALLY happy for you.
Just so sad that be improving it for you, they did the opposite to some others.
Hence my constant returning to making changes optional…
Still, I am really happy for all those that benefit from the changes made back then…

If you’re going to quote me, quote the entire sentence.


Besides arguing about quotes. Is anyone else experiencing the enemy being able to glitch itself into buildings while you are in it trying to hide from them. This has happened to me multiple times. I can have a hunter outside a house while I am looting inside and then all of a sudden it appears inside. Same thing with the dogs. And no the doors are always closed and windows aren’t blown out either.

Sorry about that. Yes, I’ve experienced it as well. I’d normally recommend creating a bug report but it seems to be an issue that’s taking longer to fix than usual. They did improve it somewhat but it’s not perfect.

Where can I make this report?

Bug Reports forum is the place. Feel free to use this handy template if you want.

It happens all the time. Most annoying if there are like 20+ enemies around you and you are in a barn which basically has paper walls.

You hit the nail on the head with the original call of duty analogy! I am new to Generation Zero and this is still a huge problem in 2022. Spent all my ammo fighting a harvester camped right outside the safehouse. If I hide, he never goes away, if I try to leave he will follow me to the next town over. The AI in this game was designed by an insane person

A runner lunged and killed me through a window, from inside of a room with no exit.

Why do you answer on a topic, which is dead now for about 3 years?

It’s a completly different game now.
So if you have any issues, make a new topic with a bug report, or a feature request if you have an idea to improve something.

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Old thread is old. Please don’t necro old threads.



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