Why, oh why do some make to "my taste" weird suggestions

Now, I’ve been there from VERY early on.
I’ve been there when farming was something that machines did, not us.
“Let’s farm more Um-Maans, I need a right under leg for my son’s puzzle still.”
I’ve been there when machines were still smart, fast in reaction, and a DAMN bitchy menace.
THAT was the game I bought.

And I fail to get what happened.
People began like: “Me no happy, me wanne kill thingy fast.” and machines suddenly went dumb.
Others began like: “Oooh, my likee farm farm, me wanna storage.” and Plundra became a thing.
“Me no wanna walkee walkee, toooo dammit tiredz, too slow.” and bikes were born.

I constantly hear: “Moar damage, me wanna moar weaponz, me wanna dual wield 2 Gau8 cannon, but Gauss, with mega boom boom ammo. Kill faster, loot MOAR.”

And I sit here, seeing this happen, fearing for the game I once had, and is no more…
“Make machines harder”.
“You CRAZEEEEE??? Me no wanna, me wanna insta-kill and LOOOTIIIEEE!!!”

I saw suggestions that… are just too mad to describe.
These do not fit… well… anything remotely touching the GZ realm.
I asked for a black tactical combat suit, and got told: “Does not fit the era.”
Ingame I see exp. weapons, EMP weapons, and I wonder… how come the suit does not fit the era, if we have a Gauss sniper rifle?

I saw folks speak of “Transformers”, or Power Ranger (I am NOT KIDDING) things…
Rideable tanks?
That is I think another movie (Star Wars).
But I see this happen, I see this coming to live…
And I can only watch… how the game so dear to me just… fades… into something… not a clue…

I am so, SO sad…


The developers should be free to do as they like with their game xog, i know the wishes and wants of the community go all over the board, some beg for immersion and realism and some people beg for a power fantasy. I myself sit in the middle, but when someone shuts down your idea it’s not like it makes it anything less important to you. Black tactical suits/anti op suits would be awesome i think, and i’m sure if the devs get wind of it and like the idea themselves that it will be introduced to the game at some point when it is viable.
I’ve had my ideas for base building absolutely shit on, does that mean its a bad idea? no. does that mean some people wouldn’t like it? yes. but sadly you can’t please everyone without pissing someone off, its just a factor of life :smiley:
So my advice, sit in the middle with me on how the game develops, instead of being displeased by something the devs introduce welcome it with open arms. it is their game in the end, and anything they add or change should be viewed as an improvement instead of “oh this isnt what i want so i’m gunna flip a table”
Just my two cents of course :slight_smile:


And you are correct…

I bought the game for what it was, you know.
But to see it become… something entirely different… is very, VERY hard for me…
Like a loved one fading away by a disease, almost.

But… you are right.
Sad but true…

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But transformers, Pink Powerpuff Punks, rideable tanks…

Can I ask for a Sith Super Star Destroyer then? :frowning:

Still, you, sir… are 100% correct.
I CANNOT deny that.
Just had to get it of my chest…

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haha yeah, for the whole “take machines and make them on your side idea” i feel doesn’t fit well with the overall plot of the game, and definitely goes against the survive against a deadly threat premise. But again, if the devs see that idea and think it’s awesome and they really want to implement it, i’d welcome it and get excited just for the constant evolution of generation zero. sure it wouldn’t be what i want, but i know that’s not what benefits the game overall :slight_smile:
Instead of viewing it as a mourning of death you can try to view it as a celebration of life.
I’ve been playing since the very beginning, and sure a lot has changed since then, but on the other hand SO much has been improved, just on a general gameplay stance. Rendering for machines is better, hunter quad tactics are better, enemies clipping has been greatly improved, building rendering and interior rendering has been improved. and so many other things. so i try to view that instead of the things “i wouldn’t want” it keeps my overall view of the game in a much more positive light.

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Well, celebration of life…
Your intentions are so nice, I really like that.

But, see: let’s say, it’s your girfriend (or boyfriend).
You meet this person, and that is all that matters from then on.
She’s so nice, so helpful, she is so humorous, beatiful…
Nothing else matters any more.
Screw the world, fuck off Galaxy, she/he is just EVERYTHING.

But, along the way, this all too perfect girl, starts to turn into a witch, wart on the nose and all, you know what I mean, and like total not nice.
That is somewhat what happens to me atm.

Lets say: you buy a Star Wars game, you looked forward to it, you scraped your last, very last dime to get it…
And it turns gradually into Barbie House the game…
How would you feel about it?

Still, then, yes… it CERTAINLY is not up to me…
Total fact.

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Right from the beginning it was said that the GZ world would evolve and expand, so this is what we can expect more of. I completely agree that some of the feature requests on the forums are insane. The machines in themselves are so unrealistic, and the unrealistic should perhaps be limited to the machines. I liked the idea of fighting them as a genuine 80’s teenager with equipment that actually existed at that time. If we end up with more and more sci-fi weapons and armor, perhaps the dev’s should consider implementing a “classic mode” or something like that? :slight_smile:


Of course! if you view this all as disdain and that you truly cannot handle it, the best decision is to leave the unhealthy relationship or at least that’s what i’d do personally. But i’d hate for anyone to leave, i’ve watched dozens of great people leave this forum and community simply because they couldn’t enjoy the direction the game was heading, but of course i can’t blame people for doing what is best for themselves.
Cheers xog, only trying to be a positive force for you my dude!


More than one person owns the game . Developers are catering for every body not just you mr xogrorth , , and your long winded questioning to every one is just a waste of your time and theres ,


I know.
I just hoped they would stay on topic with the story, difficulty wise.
I bought it as a survival game (that is how it was sold here).
Little did I know in what it would evolve…
Still, I DO love the setting, the machines, the story.
Just too bad they removed the threat, I once felt, which to me is heavily immersion breaking…

AWAY I will not yet go.
I do love it too much.
Besides, I can’t just leave you here all by yourself, now can I… XD

We’ll see where it leads to.
IF it are Powerpuff punks… so be it.
I DO draw the line if they become pink though!!!

Seriously, I just can’t deal with PINK Powerpuff Punks!!!
Not kidding. :mad:



What planet are you living on. :slight_smile:

It is in their best interest to add things that are desired by the community. I have seen other games go to waste where the dev team, or management, had a different opinion on how the game was meant to be played, or the direction of mechanics or content changes.

Of course, the community is very diverse, and a studio needs to find a good compromise. It is about player numbers, after all, if we all want this game to live on.


Indeed sir!
I respect the community, the Devs, their work…
I just question some of the ideas being spawned by some, and it saddens me seeing these implemented.
But it is what it is…

Those are the threads I don’t (fully) read. Because I trust in the judgement of the devs.

The Ripley Loader is amongst those ideas, I am afraid.


All true, @tene. You gave me the same advise when some changes to the game disappointed me recently. It is a healthy view on things. Life becomes easier that way, and - please remember - even if we care for this, it is still just a game, and not the end of the world. Count the hours you played the game (it is in the stats) and divide it by the price. I’m sure we all got our moneys worth :wink:

@Xogroroth, you and I both love this game and we both have strong opinions on how it should evolve. But I’m not sure that you would like my game, and I’m not sure either that I would like you game. A sympathetic solution would be to make it configurable, but I don’t think it would be quite as simple as it may sound. So we probably have to take what comes or leave the “relationship”. The only thing we should refrain from is to take it personal. Cheers, my friend :slightly_smiling_face:


configurable… THAT would be GODLIKE… XD

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I think that is exactly what DLCs are for. There have been many games with many a DLC I did not like. But others did. It is a way to implement features and stories and settings into a game that does not necessarily affect the whole community. Often a wise decision.


True, and I’m afraid I feel they dropped the ball on that, with Apo enemies appearing in the main game. :confused:
Wish they’d made them exclusive to the DLC isle so you can avoid them if you don’t like them.


Yes, that ship has sailed, apparently.


Don’t be afraid. My life will go on without it :wink:


You deserve zero response from me, but i’ll give you this one;
That’s literally what i was saying.

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