Enemy attack helicopters and drones?

So here I am standing around with my experimental weapons and 5c weapons, dead robots all around me including a reaper, all of them dropped like nothing, the fear I had when I started playing is gone and that got me to thinking. What would put that fear back into me, what would make me run and cower behind walls? Maybe not even hide behind walls, maybe our only option is to run and hide underground.

As I stood there in silence I thought, it would be pretty damn scary if I heard the rumble of an attack helicopter in the distance coming towards me and not just any attack helicopter but a massive one the size of an AC130 that would chew up and spit out most of our bullets and give them long range missiles and huge guns that could penetrate trees and the walls of regular buildings.

That got me to thinking about what if there were helicopters and huge heavily armed and armored drones that our existing weapons were ineffective against but that’s all we had to fight them. Don’t even give us new weapons to fight them with. Make us feel powerless, make us feel weak, make us feel like we’re not the threat. They are.

Can you imagine fighting a reaper for the 15th time just for fun and you hear thunder in the distance and you know it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge or else.


An other way of making you scared again is limiting yourself:

• No experimentals
• No fast travel
• Only allowing a total of 20 kg of gear.
• Only 2 adrenaline (one for that hunter that one-shots you through a wall, and one for your own occasional screw up)

Then the world is a much more hostile place. And much more fun!


I did the survey yesterday and that was one of my choices for new enemies. Not more walkers or tracked machines, but airborne stuff.

In an older post (see below) I wrote almost the same as you.
Image the hunter killers of the terminator films. :wink:

I love this idea.


Good lord NO! Lmao. If you get that, they need to put that in a separate, all on its own, insane people only Mode! I do NOT need this in my life! I have enough trouble staying alive from Invisble shots that go through walls, and Melee attacks through concrete ceilings and walls and damage from flame throwers that penetrate EVERYTHING. I’m old and I don’t need that kind of excitement. Are you trying to kill me?


There is no death in this game, you can only get very wounded, and than be zapped to a savehouse to be cared to health, if you have no stim. :wink:
I am old too, but on adventure the game is easy for me. I play stealthy sniper style. But I can also play hard mode if I wanted to. Only would be zapped to a savehouse much more.

I play on the middle difficulty since that’s always my choice in games. Hard mode is usually too hard for my impaired brain and reflexes. The idea of a machine that is virtually unkillable in this game is a Thanks, but ummm hell NO from me. :wink:

Welcome to the old farts club. :wink:

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Welcome? I started it and am the head PooBah didn’t you know? It must be my dashing good looks and witty repartee that fooled you. :wink:
67 and I don’t feel a day over 138

:crazy_face: You sure fooled me…

That’s why I’m so glad they made a survey! :smiley: This is truly a positive move.

Now they can privately gather feedback from everyone in a methodical manner.

I think a new flying enemy would be a great addition, however I would prefer something that fits the lore and the tech of the time.
A new airborne machine that could track you like an angry hornet , and over big distances!

so a flying bullet sponge with a temper bigger than the cod lobby that would be fun

“one for that hunter that one-shots you through a wall”

Two words: Experimental PVG/90. Use the .50cal FMJ and aim for his head. Or if you want to make his life miserable, shoot off all his weapons first and make him scream in rage, THEN aim for his head.