Please add a new machine - a bigger one!

I like this had a conversation with my friend just like this , let’s hope :+1:

I was thinking about something similar to Hunter (in visual aspect, but a bit smaller and faster), that only use melee attacks, the kind of enemy that is hard to snipe with more HP than a runner, but less than the Hunters.

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I just posted and idea that I think solves both problems, by adding bosses which make it harder. Also, by adding new mechanics to the bosses and making them bigger I think it’d make a familiar feel with a twist of scary, new, and dangerous.

^If you wanna see my idea.


The detail is amazing, this system is exactly what i’m looking for in GenZ.
I’d love to see this ingame!


Rather than a bigger enemy, I’d like more unpredictable/dynamic elements to current ones, like maybe blowing tick pods off has a chance to spawn a large number of ticks all at once, or using emp on enemies has a chance to “Frenzy” them similar to hacking. maybe have fully disarmed enemies (Weapons blown off) charge and self destruct on the player.
Stuff like that would be good for keeping players on their toes, and adding unique risks to tackling bigger threats by conventional means, and adding more complexity to the numbers game going on in each of our heads as we size up a challenge.


Hi. I haven’t read the whole thread, but I’d like to have a new type of machines, too. I thought about a “small” transport-unit, as Fnix has to think about moving large distances to conquer the world.
Additionally I had the many destroyed Vraken in mind which somehow have to be hunted down.

So there has to be any type of flying machine to search and hunt down the last survivers, able to defend himself against air and ground targets and able to drop runners or hunters, depending on its final size.

I thought of a dropship like the aerial hunter-killers from Terminator.

Imagine a slow-moving dropship like this, which seeks the nightly Östertörn for some lost souls. You and your team keep hiding for the nightbreaking spotlights… But then someoone does a mistake. A sirene goes on (like the one of the seekers), two hunters and two runners are dropped and a dual-machine gun starts to penetrate your location from above.

It should be a frightening situation and a very new experience.
Just my suggestion, but I hope you like it!


Another idea:

Although it already looks like a gigantic runner, what do you think of something like the Star Wars First Order Heavy Assault AT-AT?

It could have a machinegun and a greater gun (depends on class) like the tanks (a railgun as some tanks in basedefence have could be an option, too) AND could have two pods to call in hunters.

It should be slow in movement and turning, very limited in total amount (max one per region), heavy armoured, but devastating.

The angel of the front machinegun should be not more than 180°, the angel of the mortar/rocketlauncher/railgun just 45° horizontal. Maybe there could be another small gun at its back and gas canisters.

Here’s another pic to get an idea of its size. Do you see the stormtroopers? :wink:

In my eyes its look perfectly fits Generation Zero.

Big machines make big lag, it wouldn’t be great at moving if it was so big, would get stuck on lots of things. How do you think some teenagers could take down a 20 story building made from protective metals? The game doesn’t need stuff bigger than the reaper. It sounds like because of its slow movement you can just run behind it, shoot it and continue shooting 30k 7.62 before it dies, sure you might get a nice reward from it but if it isn’t any risk why should there be reward?

Therefore I supposed an additional gun at its back side. And there would be lots of hunters called in to defend it.

And what do you think about harvesters? It’s just the same. A few shots with the exp pvg and the rocketlaunchers are gone. After that they are almost helpless. Except of the hunters and the gas. And the loot most times isn’t worth the ammo you spent to destroy it.

But they have a purpose. They are slow machines with the ability to harvest garbage for what ever and have some abilities to defend themselves.

My idea of the (call it “Titan”) is, that fnix uses it as a supportunit for sieges. Its main purposes could be the transport of many hunters over a large distance and frontal attack on enemy defensive structures.

And keep in mind, it’s just an idea like the one with the flying dropship before. There will have to be some new kind of enemy in future updates/dlc as everyone who played the game for a while knows some tactics to destroy everything in a short time. There must be a way to keep the initial feeling of fear that you could have been spottet.

The game don’t seemed to me that one (teenager in the game) should be as fearless that one can offend a group of apoc hunters, a harvester and a tank in such an easy way. With the supposed enemy units (titan, dropship) I thought of a great immersive feeling and some more fear and that you will have to hide in more situations or at least have to work together with a special guerilla-like tactic.

Ok? :wink:

I think östertörn is too small for such a weapon, and to siege what? what FNIX needs is not big siege weapons but faster robots that can hunt down the enemy, one figher jet could probably take this down. And for air support i think FNIX needs not a Terminator like dropship but like a vråken figher jet but it is machine controlled. And the “titan” whould you see from miles away making it less scary

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These. Don’t get caught inside them.


Ok, that’s your opinion.
But everything had a beginning. And maybe FNIX wants more than just to “clean” Östertörn.
And why is there this big artillery in southern coast region, if FNIX doesn’t need siege-weapons?

There are quite much fast robots for hunting down enemies… And for Östertörn it seems that it worked. But for further expansion it should have capabilities to transport a larger amount of hunters to its destination. And for seeking larger areas for survivors and immediatly being able to hunt them there could be the mentioned dropship.

Small and fast fighter jets (maybe like the GDI ORCA of CnC) can destroy enemy armor effectively. But they can’t seek and kill hidden guerillas. For this task it needs additional ground units.

Ehm, and I think, a gigantic battle-walker like the Titan-idea (or like an AT-AT), which I’m able to see from miles away IS SCARY.

But that’s my opinion, and you’ve got yours.
That’s what a forum is for… Exchanging information, ideas and opinions.

Nice idea.
Apoc Seekers are in fact still missing.
I like the idea of somehow deactivating exp. Weapons as well, but an EMP would be senseless, as the machines would be deactivated too.
Additionally… What a radius did you think of? I killed apoc runners with my exp pvg from a distance of 402 meters…

But maybe they could instead have a mobile stealth/fog generator, which makes all machines in a radius invisible for your eyes so that you have to use IR to be able to see them.

Or a mobile shield generator which grants invulnerability to machines in a radius for a specific amount of time.

Let’s think on. That’s exciting.

Would an EMP pulse incapacitate mechanical weapons that has no electrical components? I don’t think so. :crazy_face:

I’m with you, when you say we can explain anything. You know I don’t mind anything to game throws at me, I will adapt accordingly. Just wondered about the EMP. :grinning:

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It would be best to introduce enemies that change the dynamics of the game, not to introduce enemies that are bigger and take more damage. Here are some examples:

Small support robots - no weapons on them, they flank the enemy and deploy visual and hearing attacks, such as smoke bombs to funnel you towards an area or some noise maker to hide the noise of incoming robots so you can’t tell how many there are or that they are surrounding you.

Road scouts - no weapons, they would be the size of those toddler power wheels cars we all bought for our 3-4 year old for christmas. They would patrol the roads. They would have a large antenna dish to radio back to surrounding robots that an enemy has been spotted. If you manage to shoot the dish off of them before they radio back, then you are not alerted, but the robot itself would still be driving max speed to get away.

Tree scouts - no weapons, same function as road scouts but they are shaped like spiders and are used in forests. They would have ghillie suits on so maybe introducing a new device to detect them would be nice, or don’t.

A repair bot - they go around repairing downed robots. I don’t like how these robots just respawn.

An assassin bot - this would be a prototype that resembles a human form but only uses blades on the arms. Used for stealth missions against an enemy. rare to see but could evolve into something more. They can produce no thermals (if thermal imaging is in the game).

Capture bots - these function to capture an enemy and not kill. They would be armed with tranquilizers and nets. This can be introduced and now we have rescue missions we can perform if allies are captured.

Trapper bots - small, they burrow into the ground and act as “bear traps”. Used only to capture and/or maim.

I’ve only put in about 5 hours into this game so I don’t know the full plot, but I’m getting an idea of what might be going on. My point is that making bigger harder enemies wouldn’t make sense in a robot world as previous robots would be rendered obsolete. So, making new types of robots with different functions would make more sense.

end of line.

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Can you elaborate on the EMP idea:

  1. How long would the PVG be inoperative due to the EMP effects?
  2. And don’t you think players would equip 5* PVGs to still be able to snipe from afar?

i think specialist models of existing robots, like a runner that keeps its distance with the player and stops to like dig itself into the ground to suppres the player with high caliber rounds from a Mg42 like machinegun. It will make make you take cover. So it is basicly a runner that becomes a sentry gun.
And I have an idea of a division of robots that whould only be encountered at:
FNIX buildings and structures
Broken bridges
Military compounds
They whould be FNIX Engineer Robots
They whould just look like military class robots but whould use things like building equipment and some whould even have claws to move things just like us humans. They whould of course have armed robots around them to defend, maybe like the one i suggested above. And the loot whould be building material.
And i think also two hunters as Snipers, they whould be rare but when you encounter one you need to either take cover and to go away or to advance through covers to get near to it. The team whould consist of a Sniper hunter and a normal hunter to defend it and to spot enemies. It whould be good to have some long distance fights instead of the hunters going up so close all of the time. And also cool because then we could have a sniper battle between us and them

So i think more special robots whould make the combat more like combat and just not loot farming, with these you whould need to take cover more, think of how to defeat them instead of just running up to them and to drop 1000+ of ammo.
Make the combat more like combat between humans

This wouldn’t work, as the game right now is set pre-EU Sweden. Sweden didn’t join the EU until 1995.

Wouldn’t this take away from the game being set in the 1980’s? That kind of technology wasn’t available back then.