Error Message while playing

It comes while the playing a error message, see attachment, why? What can i do?
it is nerdy and you have to start again at the safehouse

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The host crashed, this means the client got disconnected.
Each host is a SERVER, if the server stops streaming, you lose the signal, and get booted from the session…

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and what should you do about it please?

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Restart game… and start from the nearest unlocked safe house, I guess… :frowning:

That’s how the game works.

Also, you do not keep the missions you did, only host does.

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@Scorpion197412: Did you actually play multiplayer? It happened to me even in single player, would warrant a bug report then.

No, i play Singleplayer nothing else


Wait, that’s an MP error…
Did I miss something?

That’s what I am saying, Xog.

@Scorpion197412: Would you mind filing a bug report as you have a screenshot of this?

Please refer to this template for it: