Exp AG4 produces Phantom weapons

Plattform: PC
I use the experimental AG4 with the incendiary rounds to shoot the weapons of machines like Harvesters and Tanks. After I destroyed them the machine is still able to shoot me with it, The weapons become a Phantom weapon which you can’t shoot.
I had it in two play sessions 4 times. Two times with tanks (once with its auto cannon and once with itsrocket pot), one time with the rocket pots of a Harvesters and one time with a Fnix Hunter and its Shotgun.

Steps to reproduce them:
Shoot the weapons of a machine with the exp. AG4 and pay attention that the gun is not destroyed by the bullets impact damage but with the fire damage.

My theory is that those weapons were not destroyed by the initial damage of the bullet but with the fire effect. And I think that the destruction of weapons by this fire effect will only be detected for the visuelly breaking of the weapons and not by the machines ability to use them. So the game doesn’t realize that the weapon is gone and machines can still use them.

Client: Single player

System: Windows 10 (64 bit)

Intel i7-4770K
GTX 980
Game is on HDD

I will try it in my next sessions. Maybe some of you can try to reproduce it too.
Have you had such an experience while you use this weapon too?


In my short session today I could reporduce this bug.
I fought a military tank with a mortar and removed the auto canon. After that I shoot the mortar after the first half magazin I switched to single fire and shoot one bullet and waited untill the fire went off then I made the next shot.
Finally the mortar broke by the fire. The tank did not immediatelly switch to running and shockwave attacks but it only stood there for a few seconds. And than he continued shooting mortar rounds at me.
This proofes my theory that the destruction by fire does not get properly transmitted to the machine.
After about 5 or 6 shots with the mortar he started his running and shockwave attacks.

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Me and a friend experienced this yesterday, and I can confirm it’s not limited to the X-AG4. We used X-PVG90’s to disable weapons on Tanks and Harvesters and they could still shoot at us. I believe this bug was introduced with the October Update. Something’s definitely not right :thinking:

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I took out an absolute ton of enemy weapons (64 Tanks, 50 Harvesters and 200+ Hunters) since the October update.

When using the regular weapons, no ghost weapons remained (as far as I experienced). All occurrences of ghost weapons were after taking them off using the experimental weapons.

Like you said, definitely with the X-AG4 and X-PVG90. And I think you can add the X-Klaucke to the list as well (although I’m not 100% sure on that one since I only vaguely recall it happening with that gun once).

Maybe the X-PVG90 gets its extra damage from a secondary effect. If so, I guess the bonus effect they have (being the fire damage, extra damage, electrical damage) triggers after the primary damage has registered and then somehow does not get processed correctly (something, indeed, like the gun geometry being removed but not the projectile generator, or whatever implementation they have).

To bad I haven’t got an experimental smg yet. Since that only has increased fire rate and no bonus damage (right?) it should not leave a ghost weapon (if my theory is correct to begin with, that is).

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I do have it, did remove many tank weapons with it and so far it never results in a ghost weapon. I think you are right and thats because there is no secondary damage type.

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I just could reporduce the phantom weapon phenomenen with a FNIX Hunter again. That indicates that this problem ist not a machine specific one but a global issue.

I’ve found the same phantom issue, but with a small twist. I fought a tank. I used the exp ag4 to destroy one of its weapons, which became phantom as we now expect. Realising what had happened, I switched to a non-experimental weapon to destroy the tank’s second weapon, and it fixed the bug. The phantom weapon also disappeared or stopped being used and the tank resorted to charging at me. I’m not sure quite what to do with this discovery, mind…

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It’s absolutely not machine specific. I tried it on Runners (FNIX since lower tier Runners lose their gun right away with the first bullet hit).

I shot off the guns of a whole lot and they just kept shooting. When I was about done, one of them jumped “in front of the camera” and provided a perfect demonstration:


That’s really interesting indeed and probably quite useful info for the devs. :slight_smile:

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