Experience balancing

My group is late to this game… We are glad to have finally starting playing… We are playing 4 player.

Does anyone know how the XP is distributed? I am the host and have jumped way ahead my playing partners. I know for sure i have not killed as many machines as my partners.

Does anyone have information on this?

just asking have you destroyed any beacons or gotten any extra exp and if you win or lost a fight the exp will show on the top of your screen.

Yes. I have noticed the xp at the top of the screen. but we have not be been able to compare difference… i was trying to find out if there was a UI for the distribution.

As per in-game tutorial about MP saves:

With that above, i wouldn’t say there’s an issue with MP saves.

Also, you could’ve unlocked Inquisitive Mind skill, which will give 50% more XP from missions at level 1 and 100% more XP from missions at level 2. With Inquisitive Mind skill at level 2, bare minimum you can get from missions is 2000 XP and that alone is enough for faster leveling up.

Btw, your clients (buddies), when they haven’t unlocked the mission prerequisites in their solo game, they won’t gain any XP for mission completion, when they complete missions in your game (you as a host). Game clients only gain mission XP in host’s game when they have completed the mission in their solo game beforehand.

i don’t have the Inquisitive mind skill… at least i dont think i do…
The mission saving i may have misread

IF my buddies are in my game and are there when the mission starts. then it should save. we started from the beginning together. so that is what has created the confusion

so what determines the last sentence of that description?

is there a special symbol?

Yes, there is. Should look like a white floppy disk with red line across it.

Some Forum-Fu and: In this reply here, there is an image showing how it looks like: Finished Alpine Unrest Not One Achievement Unlocked (XBOX)

thank you… i will look for that

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Do note that only Clients can see this icon. Host never sees that icon in his/hers game.

Hi there and a happy new year,

me and two friends bought the game with all the DLCs and we had a total blast so far, but apart from the little bugs and glitches there is one main issue for us: Multiple times our mission progress is not the same for the multiplayer clients. Items and levels are saved, but not the completed missions. We are forced to replay many missions as single player to catch up on progress of the host, which costs a lot of our time. We are aware of the alert like “progress only saved for host” in the log, so we always ensure that it is not displayed when we start a mission. Is there any advice to prevent this?

I just registered to post this because its a huge game breaker for us in this overall very unique and great game.

Edit: I just read this thread but the issue seems not to be solved:

Best regards

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Also, read my 1st reply in here to learn why it is happening.
Btw, the topic you linked has completely different issue to the one that you’re describing.


Hi @Aesyle

For me, these are two different cases.
Having mission prerequisites to be unlocked for every client to make progress in the host’s game does make some sense to me.
Second one sounds to me like as a client I am not able to progress in a MP game unless I finished the missions solo before.
In my experience, I can complete missions as a client in multiplayer, which are also saved in single player. It is a little confusing for me.

For me as a customer, it should not be necessary to learn complicated mechanics for this everyday function (I know its a little more complicated for the dev part) in order to have a nice gaming experience. It would be nice if there were clear instructions for this.


For best clarity, and when you’re client in MP game. Look for the mission log to see if there is note under mission info, stating: “Only the host will have the mission progress saved.” (link to the image in my 2nd reply).

If there is no such note in the mission info, you, as a client, have all prerequisites completed and mission saves for you as well. However, if you do see that note, something is missing and mission progress won’t save for you.

I know that it is a complex system and i have no idea why devs made it so.

Also, when i 1st played GZ, i did it solo. And after i completed all main mission and almost all side missions, i then joined MP with my 2nd, 3rd and 4th character, to level them up by doing missions with the host. Though, i’ve seen that “note” as well, when host picked up side mission that i didn’t find in my solo game beforehand. We completed it together and when i went back to my solo game, i had to locate, start and complete that side mission again, for it to be saved for me as well.

That’s exactly what we do everytime we start a mission together and it’s frustrating when the progress isn’t saved nevertheless.

For me, coop doesn’t make sense if I have to play through everything alone beforehand.

There is one good side about the current MP mission system as well: In MP game, it doesn’t matter where you are within the game world, if you’re eligible for mission reward XP, you’ll still get it.

E.g host and 1-2 other players together are doing The Fallen main mission (South Coast) while 4th player is walking around in Marshlands. Once The Fallen main mission is completed, everyone, even the 4th player, who’s another end of the map, will get the mission reward XP. If eligible of course.

I’ll drop my two coins. As I first started the game in a party of fresh players, we were gaining level asynchronously, despite exact mission counter for each of us. The difference comes from how much one was firghting, winning and dying in skirmishes.
Let’s say the party fights a tank. One member dies and respawns in a safehouse, two survived and one of those two did a killing blow.
This comes from my observation, it may not be accurate, because most of the time I’ve spent being level-capped, but gets the idea across.
The “dead” one get small amount of XP, based on damage dealt, assist also gets some xp, based on damage. Lets say same damage as dead, but “assist” will get more because he he didn’t got “death in battle” XP penalty (about of half earned, including destroyed machines reward). “Killer” will get damage xp + XP reward for desroying bot.

So if your party split, you die often, one "questin’ ", others do only fights - it’s all big factors, that mostly favors those who fight (and survive), since quests are in most cases share XP among lobby.

i feel like if they made inquisitive mind more useful that would be great, because if im starting a new character and did all the missions then its really useless when i have to get it to get the hacker ability, hopefully they make it increase xp for assignments or something, just something that would make it useful even after all the missions are complete.