Experimental Schematics Tips Thread

Does that go for the health packs as well?

The Experimental medkits? Yes indeed.

Ok. Just wanted to clarify.

Wait there’s experimental med kits?

Does it matter what difficulty you set the base defense mission too to get these schematics?

easy mode 7.62mm shock ammo - resulting amount 300, experimental pants and 1 uranium.
normal mode .44 TAR ammo resulting amount 200, experimental gloves and 2 uranium.

Might do hard mode today and see what that drops…


okay did hard mode… Got .50 BMG Medical Ammo - resulting amount 60, Experimental helmet and 4 uranium.

Edit 2 5/24/2021 hard mode .243 explosive ammo - resulting amount 100 and 3 uranium

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As far as i can tell, no.

But higher difficulty rewards you more crafting materials, including Uranium, which is needed for every single experimental consumable and which only drops after successful base defence.

Yes, from what Ive heard one grants you infinite sprinting, but damages you at the same time, and im not completely sure what the other one does, but I know it slows you down as a side affect.

Here’s the another one:

What it does, is that during the time it is active (15 seconds), you will move at far slower speeds but you will have constant health regen on you, even when you take damage. And it’s quite fast regen as well. Though, on Guerilla difficulty, some machine attacks can still kill you, even with the health regen active.


Okay, not sure exactly were to put this but it has to come up at some point as its related to experimental ammo and related.

Saved some Forest Region score (while getting distracted with other regions for rival farming) so can do a bunch of base raids in one go.

Have 6300 score saved… it was only enough to do 1 hard mode. So is it me, or dose the base raid need about 1000 score per use, meaning if you want to get all schematics you’d need about 21-22,000 score saved?

First, there’s timer bethween base raids. Second, only Forest region score counts. Third, based on my experience it has separate (hidden) score counter, since it works regardless of what you have on region, it works exactly like “rival score counter”, but resets after aquiring and finishing/failing mission.

Back to topic: so to summarize what effects we have in total?
I’ve encountered so far explosive, corrosive, healing, tar and shock ammo.

Topic and explanation here: [EXPLAINED] How The Home Base Defense Mission works - Can't start the Home Base Defense Mission, "Disabled. Generate region score to provoke attacks" - #14 by Avalanche_knivspark

There’s HEAT and Radioactive as well.

Looks like devs were indeed wanted to implement a huge chunk of “experimental weapons ideas”, but couldn’t decide the guns. Instead, went for “magic ammo”. Because I recognize some effects among proposed.

Does anyone know if there is a complete list of experimental ammo and medkit schematics somewhere? Thanks :blush:

Full credit to @Truzzle for this. I just cropped and inverted it.

**Maybe worth pinning for reference

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Waidaminit, this means that there’s no other combinations? Like Medical 84mm? Aaaawwwww…

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Yeah when I heard they were coming, I assumed all versions for all ammo types.

That said, I’ve got 5.56 Heat, 9mm SMG Explosive, and .44 Tar flagged for when the time comes




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And I had my hopes up for SVD and other rifles (including 12ga and .44) to shine.

Do you know how the Exp Rocket names are written ingame? (For the spreadsheet)

Here are both of them:

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Where can I find the 12ga Slug Medical Ammo Schematic?