Experimental Schematics Tips Thread

I am creating a new thread with regards to the new update in advance. In here we can discuss the experimental schematics tips and tricks. As of right now, I know nothing about the new schematics.


Good initiative! I’ll take the liberty of adding spoiler tags, and strongly urge everyone try different combinations of experimental weapons and experimental ammo! :slightly_smiling_face:

Experimental Medical Slug Rounds

Gives a healing effect around where it is shot but does no damage. Gotten from completing the defense on easy mode.

I haven’t tried it yet but it probably works well with teammates.

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I think you get most exp. ammo from wave defense, i got 9mm SMG Corrosive Ammo

What about a list?
How many of them exist ?

  • Corrosive
  • Medical
  • Electric

What else? :thinking:

Just got corrosive 12ga slug ammo
Edit: Also got corrosive 5.56mm ammo
Edit2: 5.56mm heat ammo

I got explosive .50 bmg rounds, the apparently synergize with the PVG-90. As well as 7.62 Electric Rounds.

So thats,

  • Corrosive
  • Medical
  • Electric
  • Explosive

explosive and medical

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to add to the exp ammo types there is also HEAT rounds

gotta say they’re a ton of fun to use (alongside all the new exp ammo/items!)

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Just got 7.62mm ter ammo.
It slows enemies on hit with a very small chance to ignite user upon firing.

Just got .32 radioactive ammo

You guys were asking which ammos exist so here’s that info. In addition there are two medical kits, one slows you down and heals over time - the other hurts you over time but gives you infinite run stamina.

This info was crowd-sourced by the discord community.
@Tentrix maybe you’ll wanna add these to your huge crafting spreadsheet.


Seems this sheet is not complete… I got this for the moment (Yellow rows are the ammo i use)
Schermafbeelding 2021-05-08 132620

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If you look at the message above yours you can see the full list, and FYI it’s 6 crown/star not 5!

Indeed a copy past error from my side… Must be 6star . Sorry, corrected the picture above

why are there no HEAT Rockets???

There are already HEDP

Can you give a picture for confirmation?

Has anyone had any experience that might suggest specific ammo can only drop from specific difficulty levels? Or if there are any other sources for them besides wave defence?
Edit: schematics for the ammo, not the ammo itself, sorry.

Experimental Ammo can only be crafted from the schematics you get for doing Home Base missions.
It does not drop from enemies, nor is it found in loot containers.