Experimental Shotgun

Anybody know if it makes a difference what ammo you feed it? Is bird shot any different than slugs etc?

Mainly range (and by that time) before the flechette explodes.

Slug… never liked them for any shottie, not even tried them out in combat for this one, so short range. Blows up in your pockets almost.

Buckshot: Quite short range, decent damage. range is to short to keep circle strafing a tank for me.

Birdshot: The ammo of choice for me for that one. long enough travel for it to be effective for most purposes. Decent damage, can circle a tank and even reload without fear of dying from the auto-cannon while reloading.

Main drawback with the gun is lack of real initial damage, so those ticks will be really annoying.


I go over the range’s and differences of each ammo type in this video here! As well as a bunch of other factors for the other EXP guns.


Thank’s tene , ah now i need to get a ex shotty :rofl::+1:

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Get some slugs in it and launch those runners to the moon my friend! :rocket::first_quarter_moon_with_face:

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Ok finally got a chance to test this myself - and I’m underwhelmed. Not only does it have less range, I also have the impression that you need to use more rounds to kill off enemies with the exp. than the 5-star shotgun. I’ll stick with normal shotgun for now, until both range and damage is improved with the exp. version. :-1:

Same with the AG4 Exp - it’s way cooler, but I’m not convinced it’s got much more punch…

Just a little update - took out 4 FNIX hunters using the exp. 12G shotgun, and I’m still underwhelmed with the damage output. It took in total 40 buckshot rounds to kill them, which is 10 shots per hunter on average. I’m pretty sure I hit with most of the shots.
Normally I would use a 5* 12G, and using this weapon, I’m also pretty sure I normally use around 8 rounds per hunter, and not 10.
So maybe the devs can enlighten us as to why both the range and damage output of the exp. 12G is lower, compared to a normal 5* 12G? Is it really meant to just be a gimmick and not a really useful weapon? :thinking:

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Slugs are bugged. I’m not a rapper, that’s a fact. They explode in your face, almost like hitting an invisible barrier. I’ve tried them in combat directly on an enemy, it doesn’t seem to work at all. Buckshot is nice for up close and personal, but the birdshot is your go to ammo. Maximize your space by dropping slugs and keeping buckshot down to a single sleeve, I’d recommend picking up all the birdshot you can

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I can work with the buckshot range for hunters - my main issue seems not to be the range, but the damage per round, which I believe is lower than the same ammo in 5* 12G - at least for me it seems that way.

I second on the slug ammo, it just doesn’t work. Buck shot I also agree with one slot and use the birdshot. I have taken down any type of tank, harvester, and hunters using the exp. 12g. With birdshot ammo and exp. AG4 and exp. Gluck.

The shotgun cant fire slug rounds it instead blows up in your face doing nothing too the enemy …lastly my only other two issues is the fact you cant up your scope sensitivity with red dots not a biggt but would be nice i feel sluggish and the last thing is that my missions " lost and found mission is bugged i destroyed the cells but remains incomplete i did " flying objects" and remains incomplete deapite being actually completed and my minken bunker mission is glitched after killing the robot that was jamming the signal i killed and i cannot acces the missions from the board please at least fix the bugs for the missions i enjoyed the story tho great game my style will be playing my heart out of it 5 stars just fix the bugs plz

“flying objects” and “lost and found” have already been acknowledged by the Devs. The shotgun slug ammo I’ve noticed too but it happens to me for all shotguns no matter what tier, the slug ammo just doesn’t work in general. There’s plenty of Buck and birdshot though, I’ve just been dropping all the slug ammo.

Slug ammon in the Exp shotty has a very short range (5m, I believe).


@pegnose I had heard it was for extremely close range so I actually tried rushing a hunter and getting in his face. The slugs never even phased him, there were no EMP pulses going off, and I ended up pouring almost 2 full Exp. AG4 clips into him before he went down, so I assume the slugs did little to no damage even from a literal foot away from him. That may be the case I just really feel like the slugs have very little to no effect, so even if it’s not a bug with the ammo that would mean slugs are just incredibly ineffective.

According to devs, this is working as intended, although I also find it very silly. Range is less than 1m - consider it a melee weapon. I wish they would change it though.

Not in my experience. I use slug ammo all the time to shoot weapons off FNIX hunters, it works fine!

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Did you aim/ADS? The spread on hip fire can be substantial.

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@pegnose I did not I just hip fired from as close as I could get. Maybe that’s my problem is the hip fire for that weapon is too loose/tight on the spread with that particular ammo

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they are “experimental” they never said the experiment was a success, i stick to birdshot with this one


:sunny: I’m loving this game, but there is one thing that I suspect is a glitch.

When using slug ammunition for the experimental 12g pump-action, the rounds explode almost immediately after leaving the barrell; I assume that it would be fine to ask for this to be changed in some way.

Maybe this is a difficult issue, I would not know about that, but i would appreciate knowing if this is something you would like to change.

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