Experimental Weapons are unusable when slotted during Multiplayer

Platform: PC / Steam client

Having an issue where playing in Multiplayer, picking up an experimental weapon and slotting it into a slot causes the weapon to be completely unusable. At first I could assign attachments but that bugged out as well. The only way to re-slot something in that particular slot (once the experimental weapon is assigned) is to unassign the weapon and then assign a known good working weapon to that slot (but again the slot has to be empty for anything to work correctly).

On the flipside, if I pick up an experimental but only slot it after I have reloaded the game into a solo play, the weapon functions as normal. My friend and I experienced the same exact behavior between us in two different sessions. This behavior only seems to occur when slotting an experimental weapon during multiplayer. However, once the issue occurs, the weapon is broken and won’t be functional even after a reboot of the game into a solo session (you can’t even select it in the quick access wheel nor using a quick key like button 3 etc.). I have tried un-slotting and re-slotting, putting the item into storage, pulling it back out, etc. Nothing works once the weapon itself was slotted during multiplayer. The weapon is essentially broken from that point on.

This just happened after the patch came out for the crashes that was recently released as it functioned fine just a day prior to the patch. Not sure if it is related, but definitely sus.

Can this please be confirmed? I now have 2 broken experimental weapons in my inventory that I cannot use no matter what I try. My previously functioning experimental weapons have no issues so this did not affect them. It seems to only happen with newly acquired experimental weapons.


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