Experimental Weapons Not Being Dropped By Rivals

Has Generation Zero stopped the experimental weapons? I ask this because no matter how many level 4 rivals I destroy all I have had is a shotgun. Friends have offered to drop some for me but that takes away the fun of the game for me.

While having a barren run myself this is not uncommon. The drop is totally random without guaranteed drop every X destroyed rivals. So by chance it can happen that you destroy a lot of rivals without a drop and all of a sudden you might get 2 or 3 pretty fast.

Funnily I got most of my exp. weapons from lower tier rivals like proto hunters and harvesters and not all of them were lvl 4.

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Thanks for that, I will keep on trying then if there is a chance of a exception gun :smiley:

Just a small remark: if you switched your characters and playing with 2nd, 3rd or 4th one, do note that your character level has to be 25 or more, to be eligible for any experimental weapon drop from Rivals.

I wasn’t very happy when I got the same weapon 4 times. I later got the next 3 times. Maybe it’s worth a little adjustment of the chance of getting a different weapon? Sure it’s not too bad, I handed out both my friends, but it would be more fun to get a gun I don’t have yet.

When straight back into rival fighting and suprisingly got a 6 star kpist from one and a 5 star N60 from another so many thanks for your input.

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Are you sure about that? I have started new characters and have gotten experimental weapons way before hitting level 25.

I even had my buddy in the game. He was below level 10 and got an experimental drop.

It does seem to me that hitting level 25 is better for getting purple or gold schematics.


Additionally, we’ve taken a balance pass on Rivals dropping Experimental Weapons. We’ve seen both from our data and what everyone is saying that we needed to tweak the drop mechanics to be more in line with the rarity/power that Experimental Weapons are meant to portray. To that end we made 3 notable changes:

  1. Restricted Experimental Weapons to only drop to players who are level 25 and above.

Primarily we saw that Experimental Weapons were dropping too often, even at lower levels, and it was creating an experience where players would get the best weapons very early on and it would make the game too easy. We want players to still have a chance at getting them and using them, but not so early on that it damages the experience. To be clear though - if you are below level 25 and have an Experimental Weapon, you will still be able to use it. Please let us know your feedback about how these changes feel once you start fighting Rivals after the patch.

January '20 update notes: January Update - Now Live! | Generation Zero

However, if you do get experimental weapon before your char is level 25, this is a game bug and needs fixing. Note: trading doesn’t count here.

Is that a post from a previous update?

Just asking cause you asked about feedback
fighting rivals after the update. Or are you saying with the update coming on April 27th there is going to be a change?

I am confused about your reply. Sorry

The level 25 requirement was introduced in the January 2020 update. That means only characters with level 25 or more can get exp drops from rivals. I have heard the reaper can drop exp’s for lower than level 25’s. Though I cannot confirm that.

It can drop exp stuff for players with level less than 25. BUT, this isn’t my first character and older ones are already at lvl 31.

Edit: Important thing - my drop was from Reaper and it spawned at realm, where I was guesting.

As MarkNcheese42 stated, in January 2020 update, the experimental weapon drop restriction was put in place and has been effective ever since. I also quoted the exact part of the long list of patch notes.

Since all 4 of my chars have been level 31 long before that update came, i can not personally test if it works. But it should. Also, i haven’t seen any reports of it not working since that update came.

If it doesn’t work as intended, then there is a bug in the game and it should be reported, so that devs can fix it.

Well, I just started a new character so I’ll test it out. Only level 9. Is the reaper an exception or is he included and not suppose to drop before 25?

I just got done playing might play later to or tomorrow.

I beat the reaper and if he drops a experimental I’ll take a pic and post it here.

I don’t want to kill regular rivals though. I wait until 25. Seems then is the best chance for schematics

As far as i know, Reaper isn’t exception. At least, i haven’t seen any official word about it being an exception.

Here’s Reaper announcement, part of the November '20 update: November Update - Patch Notes | Generation Zero

I am pretty sure the reaper can drop EXP’s for below level 25’s. I have heard of multiple people that have had this happen, But I would need to go play my low level character to confirm 100%.

I did defeat the reaper an hour or so ago. No experimental though.

I know in the past after this was announced I did get one. My buddy that I play with also got one when he was around level 5 or so.

Do you know if you already have a character at 25 or higher, that new one will happen to get one before 25? Hope I worded that right.

I don’t really look for those anymore though. I have gotten at least 4 of everyone, except for the kvm 59. I have gotten 2 of those. Just waiting to see if they bring any more to the game.

Do you know if they plan on more experimental weapons in the future?

I understood your question as: Do you get experimental weapon drop with new character, below level 25, even if you already have a character who is above level 25. :thinking:
If i understood correctly then it doesn’t matter how many past level 25 characters you have, when you play on a character who is below level 25. Since the restriction still applies. The character you are currently playing with - must be level 25 or above, to get experimental weapon drop.

Yes. Devs have stated that they plan to introduce experimental version of all weapons in the game. Currently, there is one experimental weapon in each weapon class: pistol, SMG, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, light machine gun, melee weapon and grenade launcher.

Sweet. Thanks again Aesyle.

So after the patch that was to fix the experimental drop I have, and my did get them before 25. Again if it happens again I’ll try for a pic. Thanks for clearing that up.

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Since we’re sort of talking about rivals… is it a bug for a rival to spawn in, then die by player within a few minutes of it spawning, without being near it? I do have a video of that but have no idea how to post it

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This is probably this bug: Rivals and Reapers dying randomly without player interference - #2 by Lonewolf

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MarkNcheese42 answered it.