Extreme fog with dynamic lighting

I’ve seen some of the weather’s systems the team has made and I just want to they are amazing but there’s one it’s missing. Fog.

It’s Sweden after all its cold most of the time. I’ve seen light fog before but never anything serious which is unfortunate.

If we could get a rare chance for some extreme fog it would be really sweet and a challenge. With some dynamic lighting like the lights from machines being seen through the fog.

All in all this is a feature I would really want for aesthetic, scare factor and challenge.

Foggy weather is a common thing in my game:

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You as, and it’s implemented immediately.
Enjoy, sir. :wink:

@0L0 Thank you for the pics, brother.

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Personally I’d like to see more thunderstorms, with a chance to get struck by the lightning! :rofl:

On topic, imho the fog is pretty ok as it is, not sure I’d like it to be even thicker…

But it’s not extreme

Ah, lightning storms would be awesome…

What isn’t, sir?
The fog?

I 2nd the 0L0’s statement. I’ve also seen very thick fog in my game as well. For me, fog usually appears in Farmlands and at morning time. Though, it’s rare weather condition. I’ll get thunderstorms and snow more often than fog.

However is it extreme enough that its 5 feet infront of you? No

When increasing the brightness of your monitor and/or from Win settings, you can create complete whiteout settings where you barely see anything. Give it a try. :+1:


That would be “sister”… :grin:

Well done, The Xogger - nil points for observation…

Rofl! Good one! :rofl: :+1:

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Oh, man… the Prime Minister between my legs says: “you’re wrong” :laughing:

And just to stay on topic - the thickest fog I encountered in GZ limited visibility to about 100m, and I’d say I wouldn’t want it to get thicker than this. Here’s another example:

No way! I could have sworn… Oh well. :flushed:

I’ve seen some fog, but never “can’t see a thing” which would be interesting…

My apologies.

Time to vote, Mr. President.


Welp that’s this idea shot down buuuuut I’m also an xbox player sooo. Just maybe

It isn’t shooting down your idea. It is the solution for your problem with current means right here and now, rather than waiting for devs to implement it, if ever.

Xbox connects to the TV. Are you saying your TV doesn’t have brightness settings? :astonished:

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