FAQ Guide For Generation Zero - PS4

This is an official guide for earning all trophies on Generation Zero for both the game and DLC. This topic will cover all questions in regards to full completion of the game for PS4 users.

All topics that will be discussed may be subject to spoiler information. With that being said the following subjects I can help you with will be the following:
-All Trophies for PS4(workarounds as well)
-Main/side missions
-Mission task completion
-Machine farming for task completion
-Safe houses
-Gun rarity/locations
-Skill builds
-General loot
-Easter eggs
-Rival spawning

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I asked @Zesiir to make this an official topic page to clear the gap of unanswered questions for PS4 users. I cannot guarantee this will work for Xbox or PC but I will do my best to assist you. These are all tricks I used to fully complete the game. With that being said, let’s get started. And proof of entire completion for those skeptical.


Topics covered:
Trophies, apparel

Method 1 - You may earn this trophy one of 2 ways. Continue using your character if you have 200+ apparel(-DLC) after backing up save data, delete save data, then reupload save data and reacquire apparel.

Method 2 - Backup save data, delete save data and earn 200 apparel from scratch on a new profile until trophy appears, then redownload save data of primary account. Keep trophies and original save data.(This method took me 5 1/2 hours of solid searching)

I Want To Be A Mighty Pirate
Method 1 - This can be done 2 ways as well. Search crates and backpacks for regular eye patch(rare), equip it, loot something.

Method 2 - Acquire experimental eyepiece from a fallen Tank or Harvester(FNIX and yellow wires are most common for me to see it drop(very rare), equip it and loot something.

Topics covered:
Trophies, guns

First Blood(self explanatory): Kill a single machine

Decimation, Gunslinger, Operator, Gangster, Commando, Splash Damage, Siren Call, Hunter, Offence Is Best Defence, Real Sneaky Like. Farm beacons for easy kills. Heavy areas of warfare may include:
Iboholmen Castle = 3062, 2799
Fiskbäck = -4528, 3651
Kålleby = -2901, 2720
F23 Overby Air Base = -338, 959
Kyrkhojden = 1143, -304
IGA Industrial Facility = 2077, 57
Arkelstorp(Winter plains) = 2045, -3612
Stenmyra = -924, -3841
Hagaboda = 728, -4329

Mods/guns, trophies
Spare Parts(loot module from harvester/tank easiest)
Modder(earn at beginning of game)
Lock And Load(PVG 90 5*)

Assist(shoot FNIX class runner after friend, can easily earn this off a hunter as well)

Topics covered:
Trophies, machine harvesting

You’re A Disease And I’m The Cure
Method - Easy farm in one go in tick cave on Himfjall Island by Osterhallan safe house.(DLC), can farm bunkers as well or Wrench In The Works(also trophy for completing mission)

Hasta La Vista Baby
Easily farm seekers in farmlands, forests, high combat areas, or occasionally appear at F23 Overby Airfield

All Of Bubblegum
They usually tail behind harvesters, occupy towns, and can be found by Arkelstorp in the snowy plains, they also spawn pretty heavy in the farmlands and can occasionally appear at at the airfield as listed above.

Go Ahead, Make My Day
This an easy one, the hunters are around every corner practically. They also spawn as rivals.

Harvesters spawn often in the farmlands and can be found as rivals.

Say Hello To My Little Friend
Tanks spawn in the farmlands, spawn as rivals, and can be found around population based areas suck as towns or farms.

If you want fashion for Generation Zero in regards for apparel, here are the sets I have currently. Feel free to check them out! :slightly_smiling_face: PS: Contains spoilers.

Resistance task completion:

Ahead Of The Pack
Tier 1 - 100 runners(any class)
Tier 2 - 150 runners(any class)
Tier 3 - 250 runners(Military or FNIX class only)
Tier 4 - 500 runners(FNIX class only)
TOTAL = 1,000 runners

Pest Control
Tier 1 - 100 ticks(any class)
Tier 2 - 150 ticks(any class)
Tier 3 - 250 ticks(any class)
Tier 4 - 500 ticks(any class)
TOTAL = 1,000 ticks

Hiding In Plain Sight
Tier 1 - 10 seekers(any class)
Tier 2 - 40 seekers(any class)
Tier 3 - 75 seekers(Military or FNIX class only)
Tier 4 - 125 seekers(FNIX class only)
TOTAL = 250 seekers

Search And Destroy
Tier 1 - 10 hunters(any class)
Tier 2 - 40 hunters(any class)
Tier 3 - 75 hunters(Military or FNIX class only)
Tier 4 - 125 hunters(FNIX class only)
TOTAL = 250 hunters

Fuel To The Fire
Tier 1 - 5 harvesters(any class)
Tier 2 - 10 harvesters(any class)
Tier 3 - 15 harvesters(Military or FNIX class only)
Tier 4 - 20 harvesters(FNIX class only)
TOTAL = 50 harvesters

The Bigger They Are
Tier 1 - 5 tanks(any class)
Tier 2 - 10 tanks(any class)
Tier 3 - 15 Tanks(Military or FNIX class only)
Tier 4 - 20 Tanks(FNIX Class only)
TOTAL = 50 tanks

Kill Switch
Tier 1 - 5 relay becons
Tier 2 - 10 radar beacons
Tier 3 15 radar beacons
TOTAL = 30 radar beacons