Fashionista - 2020

Hey, just to let you know. A lot of my viewers still complain they can not do Fashionista trophy. Can we take a look at this please? I think it was Sep 2019 update that fixed my Fashionista trophy issue.

I’m new here and new to the game. :slight_smile:
I have now got over 200 plus items but the trophy hasn’t popped :frowning:
Thanks for any help.

Hi. Just to update.
PS4 Pro with the new firmware update.
I now have well over 200 items and every other trophy in the game. This is very frustrating that such a lame trphy is holding back the Platimum. we have been playing this game 50 hours plus and my friend has the same problem as well as the eye patch loot trophy. He has never found it but many other items repeated.


Iam playing since 60hours in coop on xbox and I collected over 240 items of apparel. But the achievement doesn’t come… My coop partner has the same problem. Please fix it that is my last achievement :-/

It’s Co-Op that’s your issue, not the apparel count.

A known issue since day 1 release when I started.

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so Ive to delete my save game and i need to start a new game on single modus :frowning: ?

Not exactly, but yes that is one possible solution but a last resort more than anything.

Your apparel count may be registering 240, but it’s only tracked and logged the one’s you physically have stored in your inventory that you have picked up. Sometimes who’s game you join will effect item, mission, and location mix ups. Another member explained to me that only if it pops up on the display, does it count as inventory count. The DLC also has crafting that will bulk out a lot of the missing items of clothing. The locations can all be found on the Wiki, but this issue has been happening since day one. I purposely stayed off multiplayer until all of the achievements were unlocked because of the conflict issues with going into other peoples worlds.

Best case scenario is that you both done around 100, so only another 100 of items to go. I would suggest solo playthrough to guarantee it tracks, but it is working OK. Don’t forget there were 2 DLC clothing packs available to download for free. Not sure if that counts towards it but worth a go.

Good luck.

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Merged same issue topics.


It goes like so: if you pick up clothing item from loot bag/box and

  • if you see it’s name popping up on the right side of the screen - you didn’t have it before
  • if you don’t see it’s name popping up - you already had it

Clothing DLCs doesn’t count towards Fashionista. All 200 pieces of clothing must be picked up from the world.

Though, unsure about the clothing sets during timed events, e.g: Slayer set, Elegant set, Fancy set.

Ah, nice clarity.

I got on the band wagon first pre DLC on this, but confirmed as unlocking on TrueAchievements, and

Just keep lootin’

From the depths of forum, comes this official explanation about Fashionista and it’s requirements,
link: PS4 trophy "Fashionista" When is it getting fixed?

Apparently, clothing sets from events doesn’t count either.

one of the devs said it was finally fixed so I decided to delete my save files and start a game on offline mode to try to get this trophy finally for the platinum, spend 3 days looting and at 200 clothing items not counting the dlc items, what you start with, the experimental items, or the challenge clothing items and still nothing, this is the 2nd time a dev has said its fixed and I’ve tried getting it and still it doesn’t pop for me

Can’t confirm - got it after three days of playing when I bought the game mid-May.
What I did, though, was to create my char (Character 1), then create three different (archetypes/clothing sets) chars, start them into the game world, go back to thee main menu, delete them and repeat with all the other variations I didn’t have before. This unlocks their default sets for the ‘main’ char and presumably boosts the number.

Topics merged and title adjusted for relevance.


So I make 3 other characters and set their starting outfits differently from my main character, start them up and Immediately leave to the main menu, delete them and start another game with different clothing sets??

Okay so I did that and have 245 unlocked and still no trophy :expressionless:

Sounds like you’re right about the bug then. Worked for me back then; not necessarily an indicator that it should work for everyone. Are you on PC?

No, I’m playing on ps4

This might be a part of it then. I got a fair amount of bugs and crashes, but the achievements did work as intended. To be honest, that kinda surprised me, considering the state of the game. I just hope the next update fixes these problems; some of them were reported way back when the game launched.

I’ve been playing since Dec and fashionista has been bugged since way before then, but as I said in my post, one of the devs confirmed the trophy was finally fixed, I guess not

It is fixed. It’s 200 unique items to you, not ones you have collected in game someone else’s multiplayer lobby